11 At-Home Workouts to Keep You Positive and Active This Winter

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It has been a complicated year to stay fit, with gym closures and cancelled fitness classes throwing a wrench in many people’s routines. But there are many ways to prioritize your health and safety and still achieve a great workout, all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re working or studying at your home office desk for hours a day, moving your body can feel freeing, and even improve your mood, too—and we all could use that. 

From yoga to weight lifting, here are 11 workout channels and apps to keep you moving as we enter the colder months.

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Just because you don’t own a piece of Echelon equipment, such as their Smart Connect Bike, Reflect 50” Touch Mirror or Smart Rower, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of their class offerings. The FitPass is an app that can cast to your TV or use on your mobile device, instantly giving you access to live-stream and on-demand Echelon Fitness Studio fitness classes 24/7.

In addition to Cycling and Reflect classes, the FitPass features yoga, boxing, pilates, weight training and more for $27 a month.

Access classes here.

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The Peloton App offers thousands of instructor-led, immersive workouts that can be done with equipment or none at all, allowing people to stay active from the comfort of home. You will get to experience the glory of virtual “High Fives” and a “Leaderboard” that shows everyone participating in a class allow those working out from home to stay connected with friends—which has made the Peloton community famous.

Strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, bootcamp, cardio and, of course, its breakthrough indoor cycling and running content are all included in the trial. 

Get it here.

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TRX, the suspension training workout that has amassed a cult following, has its own TRXapp, which allows consumers ways to stay active at home. Additionally, TRX is live-streaming workouts from its elite network of trainers.

Download the app here.

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Yogis Anonymous

This popular yoga and wellness website currently boast a database of over 8,000 classes with new ones added every week, from beginners to advanced. There are courses like Yoga for Busy Moms, Kids’ Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga and HIIT. 

Check it out here.

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Tone It Up

The Tone It Up app has an abundance of fun workouts, programs and recipes that get you the results you want with inspiring, effective and on-demand fitness training, including live classes and 10-40 minute workout videos.

With unlimited access to hundreds of video-guided workouts in yoga, weight training, HIIT, cardio, barre, and more, you'll always have a new workout to try.

 Download the app here on the App Store and here on the Google Play store.

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Gold’s Amp

If you're looking to workout like some of the most skilled trainers in the world, try GOLD’S AMP, a digital personal training app that provides a motivating workout experience you can do at home or outside with curated music just for you.

The app has over 600 indoor and outdoor workouts, and categories include bodyweight, core, outdoor run, outdoor walk/jog, stretching, meditation, strength and more. 

Check it out here.

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With this newly launched Kemtai online exercise program, the system can actually see you and give you real time feedback based on your movement. New exercises are always being added and soon private trainers will be able to upload programs for specific clients. 

Download the app here.

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Alo Moves

Whether you’re a first timer or can do scorpion pose on demand, Alo Moves has the class for you. There are new classes released every week so you can discover the best moves for you. Alo Moves works with a diverse range of world-class instructors–like Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin—who will inspire you, challenge you, and help you take your practice to the next level.

You’ll also have the support of Alo Moves’ uplifting community so you can stay motivated and track your progress, and they are currently offering a selection of free full-length classes.

Check out their Youtube channel here.

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Jetsweat Fitness

Are you missing all of your favorite in-person workouts? Jetsweat Fitness, a streaming video partner for many of NYC’s best boutique wellness studios, is offering twelve class categories including pilates, stretch, cardio, HIIT, meditation, and more.

Check it out here.

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Barry’s Bootcamp

Celebrities are obsessed with Barry’s Bootcamp, and now you can get in on the fun from the comfort of your own home. Along with Barry's new at-home streaming services, they are also rolling out complimentary, twice-daily IGTV workouts our community can do at home, from your favorite Barry’s trainers.

There is one bodyweight option, as well as an option that utilizes their exclusive “Band Together Fit Kit,” a package of resistance, mini, and booty bands that will be available for purchase online at Barrys.com.

Check it out here.

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Hot Pilates

One of Los Angeles’ hottest pilates studios (literally) filmed a series of free workouts earlier this year. Get ready to sweat with Shannon Nadj, the studio's founder, and bring the heat.

Check it out here.

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