When the Gym Isn't Possible: At-Home Workouts for Women That Do the Trick

at-home workouts for women

Some days and situations just don’t call for the gym—in fact, I love the idea that one of my friends who travels often for work brings ’80s workout videos with her to sweat it out in her hotel room between client meetings. In case your mom hasn’t gifted you with her stash of Richard Simmons tapes, then chances are you may want to find some other great at-home workouts that you actually enjoy. Whether it’s a snow day and you don’t want to brave the streets, you only have 10 minutes before dinner, or you’re constantly on the go, these routines will help you stay in shape and get the feel-good boost your body is craving, even if you don't have a great home gym setup.

What’s more, well, all of these require minimal to no equipment, so you’re not spending a ton of money on props you’ll use a few times and then have nowhere to store (can you tell I’ve run into this problem before)? Plus, you can do these fitness routines over the holidays while you’re off visiting family and friends nowhere near your local gym.

Below, find the 11 at-home workouts MyDomaine editors turn to when the gym isn’t an option. I promise you won’t get bored.

IF YOU LIKE CARDIO: Fitness Blender Cardio Workout

The at-home workout: This challenging, high-energy session of various cardio moves features a ticker with your calories burned in the righthand corner.

The moves: walk-down back bows, knee pulls, crunches

The duration: 32 minutes

The equipment: a mat

IF YOU LIKE YOGA: Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight-Loss and Balance Workout

The at-home workout: New York City yoga teacher Tara Stiles leads you through an instructional flow sequence.

The moves: Downward-Facing Dog, Reverse Warrior

The duration: 50 minutes

The equipment: a mat

IF YOU LIKE BALLET-INSPIRED MOVES: Ballet Beautiful Lean Legs and Buns

The at-home workout: Sculpt your body with a class led by Ballet Beautiful founder Mary Helen Bowers (she trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan).

The moves: bridge variations, stretching 

The duration: 15 minutes

The equipment: a mat

IF YOU LIKE TO SCULPT WITH WEIGHTS: GymRaTotal Body Workout With Dumbbells

The workout: Get total body sculpting and firming with light to heavy weights based on your preference—repeat the routine if you want an extra burn.

The moves: triceps kick-backs, standing lateral raises

The duration: 13 minutes

The equipment: a set of dumbbells (4 to 10 pounds)

IF YOU WANT TO WORK YOUR BACK: Jessica Valant Pilates Upper Body Workout for Women

The workout: Want to tone your back but don’t know how? This quick workout gets at this part of your body’s nooks and crannies with the help of resistance band stretches and light weightlifting.

The moves: planks, side stretches

The duration: 10 minutes

The equipment: a mat, a resistance band, and light hand weights

IF YOU LIKE TO DANCE: Burn to the Beat: Keaira LaShae

The workout: This exercise routine is like learning a fitness version of a flash mob dance with plenty of hip rolls

The moves: Side knee crunches, torso twists

The duration: 10 minutes  

The equipment: none

IF YOU LIKE AB WORK: Intense Ab Workout

The workout: Sets of intense ab moves for 30 seconds each will kick your stomach into high gear—just wait until you get to the spider planks.

The moves: bicycle crunch, scissor kicks, mountain climbers

The duration: 10 minutes

The equipment: a mat


Tracey Anderson: 8-Minute Workout

The at-home workout: This full-body routine led by Tracey claims you can actually lose 10 inches in 10 days if you do it 6 days a week along with other cardio.

The moves: leg swings, grand pliés with kicks

The duration: 8 minutes

The equipment: a mat


Body by Simone Dance Cardio

The at-home workout: We love former ballerina Simone de la Rue’s cardio dance classes, and now we can do them at home with her as our energetic guide.

The moves: leg lifts with hops, jumping jacks

The duration: 45 minutes

The equipment: none


LEKfit Arm Workout

The at-home workout: LEKfit’s Lauren Kleban uses ballet-inspired arm movements to sculpt arms, back and shoulders (and then she adds weights).

The moves: first position arms, arm curls

The duration: 15 minutes

The equipment: light weights


BE Aligned x Lauren Roxburgh Foam Rolling Sequence

The at-home workout: In this routine, foam rolling not only stretches you out post-exercise, but gives you a deep massage that reduces cellulite (genius).

The moves: rolling under bottom and thighs

The duration: 3 minutes

The equipment: a mat and foam roller

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