The Atacama Desert Is a Pink Wonderland + Momentary Ink Lets You Test-Drive Tattoos

• Chile's Atacama Desert transformed into a pink wonderland after the first downpour in seven years. Thanks to massive downpours in March, one of the earth's driest places is now home to thousands of pink mallow flowers. Reports show some areas had almost seven years' worth of rain in just 12 hours. — Mashable

Cutting sugar from children's diets has improved their health in just 10 days. A recent study found that by decreasing the sugar intake in obese children's diets over 10 days, several metabolic diseases were reduced. Fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes have been associated with metabolic syndrome. This research suggests "parents pay more attention to sugar intake than calories when making changes to their kids' diets." — UPI

Momentary Ink lets you test-drive a tattoo before making it permanent. Founders Jordan and Lindsey from Austin, Texas, invented the new custom ink designs through trial and error of 50 different combinations of paper, adhesive, and sealers so that the temps look like the real deal. The special formulas "matte-ify and set the designs" so they look eerily similar to a tattoo, but without the expense or commitment. — HelloGiggles

•  The new Supergirl premiere was one of the biggest this fall, with 13 million viewers. The CBS show followed the popular The Big Bang Theory and managed to retain 76% of the young-adult audience over the half hour. According to Variety, the gender split was "interesting, with less than half of the 18–49, 25–54, and teen 12–17 audience comprised of females." — Variety 

• Scientists have developed a tractor beam that can move objects using holograms made of paper published today in Nature Communications shows how researchers can "manipulate a tiny physical object using what they call, acoustic holograms." How? By using a "grid of tiny loudspeakers to levitate, rotate, and otherwise manipulate a tiny ball in mid air." — Popular Science

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Opening Image: Mario Ruiz, via Mashable