The 3 Cooking Techniques Every Amateur Cook Should Know, Says Chef Ludo

When an email hit my inbox a few weeks ago about the opportunity to witness Athena Calderone, the chic culinary queen, and Chef Ludo, the lauded French restaurateur, cook together in Ludo's home kitchen, there were only two words I uttered in reply: Hell yes! You see, we've dined multiple times at Ludo's famous L.A. hot spots (Trois Familia is one of our co-founder Hillary Kerr's favorite breakfast spots), and we're in awe of Calderone's stylish take on food, so we couldn't wait to see what magic awaited us when they combined forces.

As a self-professed cookbook collector, Ludo had invited Calderone to create two of his favorite dishes from her newly launched Cook Beautiful: Whole roasted chicken with sumac, roasted vegetables, and sesame labne, and roasted sunchokes with orange, Marcona almonds, and pecorino Toscano. Both of which felt very seasonal, especially given that it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, and there is a heady sense of holiday in the air.

And the best part is that we captured their conversation while they were cooking and it was quite an informative (and hilarious) chat between Calderone and one of her idols. Scroll through to the end for the exclusive recipes.