19 Attic Bathroom Ideas We Want to Copy

attic bathroom ideas

Sarah Brown Interiors

Many times, attic bathrooms can feel cramped, underused, and like a relic from the past. However, the unique look of attic bathrooms offer plenty of opportunities to try out things you couldn't do in normal bathrooms, like hanging wallpaper on the ceiling or installing a sloped shower.

Get ready to find out some wonderful ways to style them and prepare to embrace the lowly attic bathroom. Keep reading to see 19 attic bathrooms you'll want in your home ASAP.

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Install Subway Tile

attic bathroom ideas subway tile

erin williamson design

Give your bathroom a classic look, no matter where it is in the home, with subway tile. A subway tile surround is the perfect frame for the shower porthole in this attic bathroom, and the subway backsplash finishes off the look.

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Use a Bold Color

attic bathroom ideas bright color

erin williamson design

Thanks to the tricky nature of rooflines, many attic bathrooms are short on space. However, a small bathroom can be just as colorful as its full-size counterpart, as this bathroom from Erin Williamson Design goes to show. Bright blue tile makes the space feel artistic, tropical, and ready for your morning getting-ready routine.

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Hang Wallpaper on Your Ceiling

attic bathroom ideas wallpaper ceiling

one alchemy house

Typically, wallpaper isn't hung on the ceilings of traditional bathrooms, as it's hard to see (and install). But, the sloped ceilings of attic bathrooms are an entirely different ballgame. Hanging wallpaper on a sloped ceiling brings a fun and striking touch to your attic bathroom.

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Paint the Ceiling Black

attic bathroom ideas painted sloped ceiling

erin williamson design

One of the most unique features of attic bathrooms can be their sloped ceilings. Take advantage of this defining characteristic by drawing attention to it. How? By painting it. Black or another similarly dark hue will draw the eye upward, showing off your unusual ceiling.

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Frame a Bathtub

attic bathroom ideas bathtub bay window

becca interiors

If your attic bathroom is lucky enough to have a bay window and sloped ceilings, then there isn't much more we can suggest to make your bathroom prettier than it already is. However, if you really want to step up your already-one-of-a-kind bathroom, install a bathtub near your bay window for beautiful views in a beautiful space.

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Let Light in

attic bathroom ideas natural light

jk interior living

Natural light can make a big difference in any space, especially small attic bathrooms. The window in the space above, from JK Interior Living, adds warmth and sunshine to a space in the home that's too often thought of as cold and dreary.

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Match Sizes to Your Space

attic bathroom ideas match size to your space

potts cabin

If your attic bathroom is small, it's crucial not to overwhelm it with too-big décor or fixtures. It will seem out-of-place and cramped. Instead, add smaller décor and fixtures to a smaller bathroom for a look that's balanced and styled, without feeling cluttered.

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Hang a Round Mirror

attic bathroom ideas round mirror

jk interior living

The wonky walls of attic bathrooms can sometimes make hanging mirrors a challenge, but round mirrors can help. Their circular shape can make them a better fit in tight spaces, and their shape is also a great contrast to a room full of rectangles.

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Cut Your Mirror to Fit

attic bathroom ideas sloped mirror

JK Interior Living

But sometimes, a round mirror just won't do. If that's the case, we love what JK Interior Living did to the attic bathroom above. The carefully-cut mirror fits perfectly in the sloping ceiling and gives the whole bathroom a custom-made feel.

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Add a Corner Tub

attic bathroom ideas corner bathtub

rikki snyder

Another solution to tricky bathroom spaces is a corner tub. These space-saving bathtubs still allow you to bathe in luxury, without taking up as much space as a normal-sized one would. Their small footprint makes them a great pick for pint-sized attic bathrooms.

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Go All White

attic bathroom ideas all white

rikki snyder

Another classic bathroom look can be found in all-white-everything. Whether your bathroom is modern, contemporary, or historic, white elements brighten and simplify a space. It's a great color choice for an attic bathroom that may feel cramped and dim otherwise.

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Tile Along Sloped Walls

attic bathroom idea tile sloped walls

erin williamson design

The sloping walls of attic bathrooms can prove to be just as much of a design opportunity as they are a design challenge. Take a page out of Erin Williamson Design's book here, and install statement tile along a sloping wall for an eye-catching attic bathroom feature.

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Add Moulding

attic bathroom ideas moulding

Katie LeClerq Design Studio

Ready to take the elegance of your attic bathroom up a notch? Add some decorative moulding. Moulding can help frame parts of your space (like what Katie LeClerq Design Studio did here with a bathtub enclave) and can make your attic bathroom feel high-end and custom-built.

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Use Unique Ceiling Textures

attic bathroom ideas unique ceiling texture

devon grace interiors

Most attic bathroom ceilings are made of painted drywall, but it doesn't have to be that way in your own space. Consider a more unique ceiling texture like tile, wood paneling, or even concrete. An unusual ceiling is another great way to draw attention to the eclectic features of an attic bathroom.

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Install Shiplap

attic bathroom ideas shiplap

michelle berwick

It's no surprise that the farmhouse-chic favorite is a great pick for attic bathrooms too. The pared-down style that shiplap brings to a space enhances it without overwhelming it, making a good choice for tight spaces like attic bathrooms.

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Add a Skylight

attic bathroom ideas skylight

julian porcino

The combination of a skylight and a shower will make your mornings more exciting to wake up to. Thanks to their proximity to the roof, installing a skylight in your attic bathroom is no-brainer. Get ready to welcome sunlight (without sacrificing privacy) with an attic bathroom skylight.

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Pair Paneling With Penny Tile

attic bathroom ideas paneling and penny tile

Sarah Brown Interiors

The eaves and slopes of attic bathrooms already make them feel quite historic. Amp up that historic factor by installing two vintage favorites: paneling and penny tile. The serene and charming look of this bathroom by Sarah Brown Interiors exemplifies this pairing perfectly.

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Add Some Houseplants

attic bathroom ideas houseplants

emma fishman, photo by lizzie orme

If your attic bathroom has enough sunlight, make sure you add a moisture-loving houseplant or two. They'll add inviting and fresh pops of green, and they'll look great too. No sunlight in your space? Consider these artificial-light loving houseplants.

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Try a Sloped Shower

attic bathroom ideas

charlie coull interior design

Ready for a unique showering experience? Install a shower (with a rain head, of course) to the sloped part of your bathroom. Not only is this a great way to take advantage of awkward corners in your attic bathroom, it's also a stunning feature too.