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25 Attic Bedrooms Making Us Want to Move Upstairs

plant filled attic bedroom


The attic has gotten a bad rap over the years. Although it's widely thought of as a dark, dusty space where scarcely used holiday decorations and castoff pieces of furniture are relegated to collect cobwebs, we'd argue that this oft-overlooked top-floor space — with its lofty vaulted ceilings, charming windows, and secluded location — actually makes for an ideal bedroom.

Need proof? Ahead, we've curated a collection of 25 charming attic bedrooms that definitively prove the top floor of your home doesn't have to be solely dedicated to storing Christmas ornaments and stashing away scratched wood furniture. Spanning sun-soaked, modern spaces to rustic, texture-rich retreats, these eye-catching attic bedrooms might just have you packing your bags and moving upstairs.

Scroll on for inspiration on transforming an oft-overlooked top floor into a bedroom, courtesy of Instagram and a few of our favorite designers.

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Make Use of Those Skylights

white attic bedroom

Arbor & Co.

Boasting not one but two skylights, this sun-soaked attic bedroom is a bright and airy top-floor retreat. An all-white color palette takes advantage of the abundance of natural light, making the small space look and feel larger than it actually is. The warm wood floor and wicker baskets add warmth and texture to the otherwise neutral space.

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Use Statement Lighting With Vaulted Ceilings

attic primary bedroom

Becca Interiors

Allow this bedroom to demonstrate precisely how to put vaulted attic ceilings to good use. A statement-making pendant light fixture accentuates the room's height by drawing the eye up. Notably, the fixture's wicker texture, coupled with wood panel walls and a neutral color scheme, also lends cozy vibes to this space.

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Cover More Than Just The Walls

polka dot attic bedroom

Design: Emily Henderson/Photographer: Sara Liggoria-Tramp

This modern style space incorporates plenty of pattern and style that brings the room to life. The diamond print wallpaper doesn't just cover the flat walls but the small slopes in the corner as well, creating a sense of unity throughout the room. The wicker headboard and full-length mirror add texture, and the small pops of color through the pillows and rug add the perfect amount of vibrancy to the mostly white space.

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Embrace Rustic Textures

dark color scheme attic lodge bedroom

Erin Williamson Design

In this attic bedroom, textured details abound to create a cozy, inviting space. Note the rustic wood accent wall that doubles as a headboard, the exposed stone column near the window, and the bed that's outfitted with plenty of texture. A window free of curtains sheds light on the bucolic, texture-rich space—yet includes a room divider as decorative as it is functional.

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Don't Be Afraid to Get Colorful

green attic lodge bedroom

Erin Williamson Design

Allow this serene, emerald attic bedroom to demonstrate the power of paint to completely transform a space. Here, a delightful splash of green paint adds a healthy dose of color, while the white ceiling makes the small attic space look and feel much larger than it actually is. Paired with wood accents and a patterned rug, this room radiates earthy vibes.

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Use Unconventional Space to Your Advantage

kids bunk bed attic bedroom

Erin Williamson Design

Yet another attic bedroom that cleverly embraces its unconventional architectural details, this space demonstrates how to turn inconvenient features into design assets. Here, the bunk beds are positioned between two immovable sloping walls—a unique bedding arrangement for a uniquely shaped space.

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Fill Your Space With Plants

attic bedroom with hanging lights and pendants, decorated with plants


No well-appointed bedroom is complete without a little greenery, as exemplified by this whimsical, plant-filled space. In addition to a lush bedside garden and braided rope suspended swing, a collection of star-shaped light pendants draws the eye up toward the ceiling and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

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Showcase That Exposed Brick

warm hued attic bedroom with brick accent wall

1930's Semi Charmed Life

Nothing says rustic like exposed brick—especially when we are talking about an attic setting. This stunning room incorporates a brick accent wall juxtaposed with white sloping walls and ceiling. The velvet ottoman at the end of the bed is undoubtedly a standout, while the rest of the accents throughout the room give off vintage vibes.

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Go Nice and Neutral

attic bedroom white shiplap

Becca Interiors

Although this attic bedroom is decorated in a neutral color palette, it's anything but boring. Featuring a shiplap ceiling, knit textiles, and natural fiber accents, it's a masterclass in layering textures. Also, note how the four-poster bed accentuates the high vaulted ceilings and breaks up the symmetrical design. Genius.

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Double Up For Guests

green and red attic bedroom

Britt Design Studio

Making the most out of a small space, this guest bedroom uses a red and green complementary color scheme on the walls and window treatment as a pop of color against white walls. The striped green headboards behind each twin bed essentially double as an accent wall of their own given the sloped ceiling and smaller space—but it works.

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Embrace Multiple Patterns

mix of patterns in attic bedroom

Britt Design Studio

A suspended pendant light cleverly makes the most of a small space with slanted ceilings in this attic bedroom. The futuristic light stands out against the soft gray walls, drawing the eye up to the ceiling and visually making the most of the room's vertical space. The combination of different patterns keeps the area feeling energetic without feeling overwhelming.

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Add Some Elegance

elegant attic bedroom

Britt Design Studio

This elegantly styled space has us swooning. The pale blue walls blend seamlessly with the neutral color palette while also keeping the room from feeling washed out. The white trim, classic furniture accents and the headboard echoing the same shape as the walls create s sense of cohesion. However, the standout has to be the elaborate chandelier with wood paneling that emphasizes its grandeur.

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Don't Underestimate a Fresh Coat of Paint

attic bedroom with mint green wain scotting

Interiors by Leoma Harper

This mint-green wainscotting as an accent wall gives a stunning transformation to this bedroom. The neutral colors used throughout the rest of the space allow the color to shine—patterns and accents are streamlined and straightforward.

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Give it a Theme

michigan theme attic bedroom

Hannah Tyler Designs

Transforming an attic into a guest bedroom is a great way to work with unused space. In this bright white, naturally lit room, not only is there room for a bed and an Eames lounge chair, but also plenty of Michigan-themed dećor. The result is a cozy space for visitors near and far.

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Use Architecture to Your Advantage

minimalist attic bedroom

Hannah Tyler Designs

Making use of sloped ceiling and small space, the architectural design of this attic bedroom is remarkable. The carved-out opening in the wall serves as the perfect location for a bed, creating a cozy concave to sleep in. The room is still large enough for a desk and computer setup, so the room can double as a workspace.

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Try Cabin Vibes

cabin vibe attic bedroom


Wood paneling is making a major comeback, and this wood-paneled attic bedroom makes a compelling case for installing the of-the-moment material to give a top-floor space instant cabin vibes. With understated bed linens and pared-back decor, this minimalist attic-turned bedroom is the ultimate rustic retreat.

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Add Some Symmetry

attic bedroom with polka dot walls and gold chandelier

Kate Marker Interiors

A uniquely shaped slope in this attic bedroom creates the perfect backdrop for a mini polka day accent wall. That's not the only part of this room drawing our attention, though—the gold geometric statement lighting draws the eyes upwards, emphasizing the height of the room. Symmetrical dećor via the matching side tables and lamps establishes harmony and brings a sense of calm—perfect for winding down after a long day.

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Embrace the Whimsy

whimsical attic bedroom

Rebecca Anchorban House

The architectural design of this attic bedroom is remarkable—we can't look away. The cutout against the wall adds a 3D effect, yet adding the magical forest wallpaper that sets the scene for a fairytale appearance? We wouldn't ever want to leave.

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Keep Your Lighting in Mind

pink modern attic bedroom

Vincent The House

Yet another attic bedroom that cleverly embraces its awkward architectural details, this space demonstrates how to turn inconvenient features into design assets. The bed is positioned perfectly to bask in the glow from the sunlight that pours through the window each day. Additionally, the Monstera plant is also nestled perfectly against the wall, receiving plenty of Sun to help it flourish.

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Try a Minimal Aesthetic

attic bedroom

M Starr Design

The simple, minimal aesthetic of this attic bedroom radiates a sense of calm. The bright white walls work as a perfect setting for any theme or dećor desire that may emerge. Currently, a simple floating shelf with framed art fills the wall space, while a midcentury-style side table with a rose gold Edison bulb lamp brings some serious modern vibes.

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Make the Most of High Ceilings

attic bedroom with high ceiling

Design: Marie Flanigan/Photographer: Julie Soefer

In this light-filled attic bedroom, vertically installed shiplap wall paneling visually stretches the room making the small space appear larger than life. Additionally, the shiplap's bright white, light-reflecting hue contrasted with the wood vaulted ceiling helps visually increase the space's square footage by giving the room a light and airy look.

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Don't Underestimate Your Small Space

attic bedroom with wooden bed frame

Design: Marie Flanigan/Photographer: Julie Soefer

This bright white, artistically designed attic bedroom makes use of the home's architecture in a stunning way. The wall-to-wall headboard also functions as side tables, and the bed is positioned directly underneath the angled concave—an apparent focal point of the room. The small gallery wall on the side proves there is always room for a little dose of dećor if you know how to arrange it.

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Pair White Walls and Wood Accents

rustic attic bedroom with fireplace

Design: Marie Flanigan/Photographer: Julie Soefer

A mostly-white color scheme shines a spotlight on this attic bedroom's standout architectural features: its exposed wood beams and striking fireplace. Juxtaposed against alabaster-white bricks walls, both the ceiling and fireplace create a delightful contrast. The bed, with its white linens and vintage wood headboard, is incredibly charming.

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Opt for More Than Just a Bedroom

attic bedroom with dining table

Design: Marie Flanigan/Photographer: Julie Soefer

This attic gives off studio apartment vibes—and we love it. The shiplap sloped ceilings and textured curtains add a rustic touch. In addition to the bed, a glass dining table and a leather couch also make themselves known, which is ideal for extra seating.

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Go Bold With Your Wallpaper

attic bedroom with blue florals

Design: Griffith Blythe Interiors/Photographer: Stacy Goldberg

This vintage-inspired attic bedroom — complete with walls adorned in toile wallpaper — is the definition of quaint. The small stitch detailing on the comforter and pillows flanked by matching bedside tables and classic table lamps add to the traditional aesthetic. However, the unique doorway is anything but ordinary-setting this space apart from your standard attic bedroom.

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