14 Attic Bedrooms Making Us Want to Move Upstairs

With their lofty vaulted ceilings and charming windows.

plant-filled attic bedroom

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The attic has gotten a bad rap over the years. Although it's widely thought of as a dark, dusty space where scarcely used holiday decorations and castoff pieces of furniture are relegated to collect cobwebs, we'd argue that this oft-overlooked top-floor space — with its lofty vaulted ceilings, charming windows, and secluded location — actually makes for an ideal bedroom.

Need proof? Ahead, we've curated a collection of 14 charming attic bedrooms that definitively prove the top floor of your home doesn't have to be solely dedicated to storing Christmas ornaments and stashing away scratched wood furniture. Spanning sun-soaked, modern spaces to rustic, texture-rich retreats, these eye-catching attic bedrooms might just have you packing your bags and moving upstairs.

Scroll on for inspiration on transforming an oft-overlooked top floor into a bedroom, courtesy of Instagram.

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The Light-Filled Attic Bedroom With an Exposed Brick Wall

Boasting not one but two skylights, this sun-soaked attic bedroom is a bright and airy top-floor retreat. An all-white color palette takes advantage of the abundance of natural light, making the small space look and feel larger than it actually is. An exposed brick wall adds warmth and texture to the otherwise neutral space.

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The Rustic Attic Bedroom With Simple Sconce Light Fixtures

In this attic bedroom, textured details abound to create a cozy, inviting space. Note the rustic wood accent wall that doubles as a headboard, the nonworking fireplace filled with firewood that acts as a focal point, and the bed that's outfitted with raw linen bedding. Sconces shed light on the bucolic, texture-rich space.

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The Cozy Attic Bedroom With a Statement Pendant Light Fixture

Allow this bedroom to demonstrate exactly how to put vaulted attic ceilings to good use. A statement-making pendant light fixture accentuates the room's height by drawing the eye up. Notably, the fixture’s texture, coupled with antique wood furnishings and vintage textiles, also lends cozy vibes to this space.

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The All-White Attic Bedroom With Exposed Dark-Wood Beams

An all-white color scheme shines a spotlight on this attic bedroom's standout architectural feature: its exposed wood beams. Juxtaposed against alabaster white walls, the exposed beams are a focal point in the space. The bed, with its white linens and complimentary wood headboard, also accentuates the beams.

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The Plant-Filled Attic Bedroom With a Strategically Positioned Skylight

No well-appointed bedroom is complete without a little greenery, as exemplified by this sun-soaked, plant-filled space. In addition to a lush bedside garden, a hanging macrame plant holder, strategically positioned beneath the attic's skylight, draws the eye up toward the ceiling and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

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The Vintage-Inspired Attic Bedroom With a Micro-Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

This vintage-inspired attic bedroom — complete with an accent wall adorned in micro-floral wallpaper — is the definition of quaint. An iron-framed bed flanked by antique bedside tables and classic table lamps add to the traditional aesthetic. An armchair upholstered in a large-scale floral print completes the look.

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The Neutral Attic Bedroom That's a Masterclass in Layering Textures

Although this attic bedroom is decorated in a neutral color palette, it's anything but boring. Featuring shiplap walls, knit textiles, and natural fiber accents, it's a masterclass in layering textures. Also, note how the pendant light fixture accentuates the high vaulted ceilings and breaks up the symmetrical design. Genius.

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The Sun-Soaked Attic Bedroom With a Skylight That Doubles as a Headboard

In this sun-soaked attic bedroom, a skylight ingeniously doubles as a headboard. While the functional feature could be deemed a difficult to design around architectural detail, this space embraces it as an aesthetically pleasing asset instead. An all-white color palette maximizes the skylight's light and airy effect.

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The Attic Bedroom With Awkward Architectural Details That Work

Yet another attic bedroom that cleverly embraces its awkward architectural details, this space demonstrates how to turn inconvenient features into design assets. Here, the bed is positioned between two immovable sloping walls, drawing the eye to the window and spotlighting the window as a focal point in the room.

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The Wood-Paneled Attic Bedroom With Cozy Cabin Vibes

Wood paneling is making a major comeback and this wood-paneled attic bedroom makes a compelling case for installing the of-the-moment material to give a top-floor space instant cabin vibes. With understated bed linens and pared-back decor, this minimalist attic-turned bedroom is the ultimate rustic retreat.

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The Serene, Light Gray Attic Bedroom That Demonstrates the Power of Paint

Allow this serene, light gray attic bedroom to demonstrate the power of paint to completely transform a space. Here, a very soft, slightly warm gray paint with light-reflecting qualities makes the small attic space look and feel much larger than it actually is. To optimize the visual effect, not only the walls but also the sloped ceiling are slathered in the hue.

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The Sun-Soaked Attic Bedroom With Suspended Pendant Lighting

In this sun-soaked attic bedroom, suspended pendant lights cleverly make the most of a small space with slanted ceilings. The black lighting cords stand out against the soft gray walls, drawing the eye up to the ceiling and visually making the most of the room's vertical space. A roman shade window treatment makes it easy to shut out sunlight come bedtime.

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The Bright White Attic Bedroom With Shiplap Walls

In this light-filled attic bedroom, horizontally installed shiplap wall paneling visually stretches the room making the small space appear bigger than it really is. Additionally, the shiplap's bright white, light-reflecting hue helps visually increase the space's square footage by giving the room a light and airy look.

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The Cozy Attic Guest Bedroom With a Convertible Sofa Bed

For a cozy attic bedroom that conveniently doubles as a living space, opt for a convertible sofa bed, as seen in this space. Ideal for hosting guests, this configuration offers all the flexibility a frequent host could need. Additionally, string lighting traces along the sloped walls drawing the eye up and emphasizing the dramatic high ceilings.

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