People With These 3 Traits Are Universally Attractive, Says Science

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The art of attraction spans far more than the romantic, sexual, or physical. Your charm, personality, and attitude can win people over in business, on dates, and when forming new friendships. In other words, your ability to attract and engage people seeps into every corner of your life—from the superficial to the essential and even the spiritual.

Needless to say, we were curious to learn about universally attractive habits and personality traits, especially after learning about the most universally unattractive traits. So, after combing through various psychology studies, we highlighted the three most attractive personality traits that seem to be universal. Of course, even with science on their side, we still take these findings with a grain of salt since authenticity and being yourself is always the best way to go.

A Positive Attitude

Unsurprisingly, those who project a positive attitude and outlook on life succeed in attracting the people around them. Sorry, Debbie Downer, but it looks like you won't be winning the popularity contest this time around. Those who are more optimistic tend to live longer and are more professionally successful, mentally and physically healthy, and socially attractive. Similarly, people who practice kindness are also perceived as being more attractive. The best part? You can actually train yourself to be a naturally positive thinker.

Balanced Extroversion

While one study actually found that physical attractiveness begets extroversion, extroverts simply have "big social networks, a history of good relationships, an inclination to explore opportunities, and dispositional happiness," writes psychologist Adrian Furnham, Ph.D., for Psychology Today. What's more, extroverts are also more likely to have more sexual partners, offspring, and general romantic success. Never underestimate the power of an open heart and a friendly smile. That being said, this study probably has more to do with first impressions than anything else, since extroverts tend to be outgoing and conversational right off the bat.


Topping nearly every list of attractive qualities in a partner, confidence has a way of putting others at ease while elevating your social status. Considering that confident people come off as more authentic, self-assured, and socially magnetic, we can't say we're surprised.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, consider making your own list of the most attractive personality traits.

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