This Major City Is So Popular It's Paying People to Leave


Auckland Masonry

A city so crowded that it's paying people to leave? While this might sound like a satirical headline, it's actually real news, according to a recent article published by CNBC. If you were hoping to hear that the city in question is New York City, we hate to let you down, but it's Auckland, New Zealand, that is struggling with overcrowding that's so rampant that the city is offering a monetary incentive in hopes of solving the people problem.

Auckland has been forced into the situation due to a shortage in housing, specifically for social housing tenants, who are eligible to receive up to $5000 for relocation grants. While the offer, which was announced in January, was originally only granted to those registered for social housing, it has since been extended to the homeless as well. Of the government's approach, New Zealand's social housing minister, Paula Bennett, explained its purpose is "for those people who may want to move to cheaper regions where they may have family and other support networks, this grant will remove the cost barrier that may be preventing them from making the move."

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