Audrey Hepburn Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Her face is the symbol of classic Hollywood glamour, her voice an unforgettable blend of velvety youth. Yes, Audrey Hepburn has been admired as a symbol of elegance and poise since her breakout role in Roman Holiday. After winning the 1954 best actress Oscar for her debut film, Hepburn went on to star in several other Hollywood classics, including Sabrina, Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While Hepburn’s flawless fashion history is perhaps her most lauded accomplishment, Hepburn devoted most of her adult life to working as a Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. The star never forgot her childhood struggle with hunger during her years in the war-torn Netherlands, so she dedicated her later years to helping children fight hunger in impoverished countries.

The new exhibit, Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon, opens July 2 at the National Portrait Gallery in London and showcases all sides of the beloved icon. The show, which has been in the works for more than five years, strikes a perfect balance between the famous portraits we know and love and those lesser known. The exhibit features an exclusive look at 35 family photos, on loan from Hepburn’s sons, Sean Hepburn Ferrer and Luca Dotti, as well as vintage magazine covers, of her years on Broadway and as a young model and ballerina in Europe.

Calling all Hepburn fans, it’s time mark your calendars! This exhibit is a must see. Visit the National Portrait Gallery for more details.

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