A Mystic Unpacks What Every Aura Color Means

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A few months ago, I became interested in holistic health and wellness treatments. I quickly fell in love with the lymphatic drainage massage at Shape House, and while I was there, I noticed a collection of colorful bottles on display. When I asked its founder, Sophie Ciche, what they were all about, she described them as healing aura sprays. If you're anything like me, you're probably raising an eyebrow. To find out more, I got in touch with the woman of Aunt Vi's color essence aura sprays, Amanda Enclade.

I wasn't sure what to expect during our color consultation, but I left feeling empowered and more self-aware, thanks to Enclade's generous warmth and healing system, in which you mist the colorful waters around your face. It's sort of a combination of aromatherapy, life coaching, crystal healing, mindfulness, and energy work all rolled into one magical bottle. In other words, it's the easiest form of self-care around. "Colors are an unconscious, intuitive language that we just understand—it doesn't make sense. So all the colors represent different moods and physical states," she explained to me. Basically, the colors feed you information about yourself.

The best part about the whole system is that you can do it on your own. To put it simply, you choose your three favorite bottles, the first one representing your true essence and the energy you exude, the second indicating a current challenge that needs healing, and the third indicating where you're headed in the future. Personally, I think it's a powerful and perceptive way to get in touch with your needs and desires, and the sprays make it accessible to start addressing your goals right away on your own.

Curious to do your own reading? Scroll through the aura color meanings from Enclade below, and remember to consider what order you choose them so you know how to best apply them to your own life.


Recommended Affirmation: "I love and accept myself."

Essential Oil Scent: Pure rose absolute

Crystal: Rose quartz

Aura Color Meaning: Unconditional love, warmth, and understanding

Healing Magic: Encourages harmony and helps address issues of body image and self-acceptance by promoting care and love for the self. It has the power of red but softened.


Recommended Affirmation: "I say yes to life."

The Chakra: The root 

Essential Oil Scent: Ylang-ylang and cinnamon

Crystals: Rubies and garnets

Aura Color Meaning: Grounded, stable, fiery, lively, and magnetic energy

Healing Magic: Improves stability, enhances motivation, and helps manifest your goals in the material world.


Recommended Affirmation: "I am here now."

The Chakra: The sacral

Essential Oil Scent: Sweet orange and patchouli

Crystals: Carnelia and amber

Aura Color Meaning: Good humor, independence, sensuality, and pleasure

Healing Magic: Supports you in a transitional phase by helping you discern what to let go of and how. It helps us reach enlightenment.


Recommended Affirmation: "I am healthy and happy."

The Chakra: Sacral and solar plexus

Essential Oil Scent: Jasmine and tangerine

Crystals: Orange calcite and tiger's eye

Aura Color Meaning: Integrity, self-awareness, wisdom, powerful, and nonjudgmental

Healing Magic: Guides you to discover your inner teacher by helping you confront negative thought patterns and actions so you can learn from them and uncover your intentions and true strength.


Recommended Affirmation: "I am joyful and confident."

The Chakra: The solar plexus

Essential Oil Scent: Bergamot, grapefruit, and petitgrain

Crystals: Gold and citrine

Aura Color Meaning: Cheerful, happy energy, and vibrant enthusiasm

Healing Magic: Encourages self-confidence and joy while also supporting you in overcoming anxiety, phobias, and sadness.


Recommended Affirmation: "My greatest good is coming to me now."

The Chakra: Heart

Essential Oil Scent: Rosemary, lime, and geranium

Crystals: Emeralds and malachite

Aura Color Meaning: Prosperity, abundance, resourcefulness, and growth

Healing Magic: This will help you discover the path you want to be on and how to follow it once you do. It also helps us make important decisions so that they result in balance and harmony.


Recommended Affirmation: "I choose to be free."

The Chakra: Throat and heart

Essential Oil Scent: Frankincense and myrrh

Crystals: Aventurine, quartz, and sapphire

Aura Color Meaning: Creative, free-flowing, artistic, unconventional, and inspiring

Healing Magic: This is ideal for unlocking creativity, expression, and access to our subconscious. It helps us slow down and regroup to get back on track.


Recommended Affirmation: "I am a channel for peace."

The Chakra: Throat

Essential Oil Scent: Lavender and clary sage

Crystals: Aquamarine and azurite

Aura Color Meaning: Peaceful, calm, and compassionate yet strong, assertive communication

Healing Magic: It helps you get in touch with your inner emotions and desires so you can overcome difficulties in communication, which ultimately relieves stress and leads to resolutions.


Recommended Affirmation: "I am open to miracles."

The Chakra: Crown

Essential Oil Scent: Sandalwood and lavender

Crystals: Sugilite and amethyst

Aura Color Meaning: Intellectual, healing, open-minded, positive, enlightened, and self-reliant

Healing Magic: This helps us encounter our spiritual selves, transforming negative experiences into empowering lessons and opens us up to new ideas. It also heals loneliness and grief.

Hot Pink

Recommended Affirmation: "I am beautiful."

The Chakra: Crown, heart, and root

Essential Oil Scent: Sandalwood and rose

Crystals: Fluorite and kunzite

Aura Color Meaning: Self-assured, mystical, sensual, and divine radiance

Healing Magic: Enables us to harness, honor, and express our external beauty. It's great for releasing fears and pain around intimacy and beauty.

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