This Hip Industrial Loft Proves Austin Is Where All the Cool Kids Live

If you had to rate cities by their cool factor, Austin, Texas, would be high up on the list. This cultural hot spot is frequented by travelers wanting to soak up its eclectic live music scene, world-class restaurants, and engaging festivals like SXSW. So it's little wonder that their interior design would mimic the city's hip flavor. Just take this contemporary industrial loft in downtown Austin for example. With its lofty ceilings, wall-length windows, and concrete floors, this edgy space literally oozes cool vibes.

This "sexy, sophisticated aesthetic" is exactly what Allison Crawford of Allison Crawford Design wanted to create when she approached the 2422-square-foot project for her tech entrepreneur client in his mid-30s. "I wanted the space to be overtly masculine and dramatic," she explains. "It's a high-rise in downtown Austin, so I also wanted to play with the tensions between contemporary minimalism and the music-inspired chillness of the city. I kept the color palate really simple and let the details of the architecture shine." Ahead, Crawford shares her style notes for each room so you can create one of your own, or dream about it.