7 Australian Influencers to Follow on Instagram for Big-Time Decor Inspiration

Updated 10/22/18
Australian Interior Design Influencers

When we are on the hunt for the latest trends that are about to make it big in the design world, our first port of call is our Instagram feeds (true story). Not only do style-accomplished Instagrammers have a unique ability to showcase everyday pieces at the most flattering angles, but they also have a keen eye for the latest brand offerings and how they work best in everyday abodes. 

So, to help you navigate the art of immaculate interior styling (which is no easy feat sometimes), we've shortlisted some of our favourite influencers who have fast become our go-to feeds for inspiration.

See below for why we love them and shop some of their featured products below. 


INF / Network member, Ally May Hayward specialises in highlighting micro-trends like velvet accents and colour palettes before they get big. We love the way she styles her spaces, from her boots to her bedside table. 


As a photographer, avid traveler, and author, Kara Rosenlund is a creative triple threat, whose keen eye for the Australian laid-back aesthetic makes her feed the perfect inspiration for those who love a cosy and humble abode. 


Cutting her teeth as an artist, Danielle's creative eye has also traversed into the interior styling sphere. Not only will you get tastes of her work in immaculate houses, but also, see regular inspiration posts of her own musings and inspirations. 


Black, grey, and white with a touch of colour thrown in is Erin Maxwell's signature statement. A quick scroll through the INF / Network member's feed will give you an endless list of styling ideas that won't require an entire home overhaul.  


One thing's for sure, Saasha Burns, model and creative director of Bear vitamins, knows how to travel in style. Not only do we rely on her, for impeccable sartorial tips, but her globe-trotting expeditions has us finding burgeoning interior trends from across the globe.  


If there's one influence who knows how to be on brand, it's Jasmine Dowling. The letterer and graphic designer favours bold colours, such as mustard yellow, military green, and pastel pink, and has a unique ability to not only use them in her artwork but also feature them in everything from her bedding to her clothing. 


If you find yourself leaning towards a coastal type of styling, all-around creative, Sophie Bell has managed to bring the beach to her doorstep with an elevated touch. As a mum, you'll also find nursery styling inspiration, alongside a serious case of wanderlust thrown in from her overseas coastal sojourns. 

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