Nasiba Adilova

Contributor | from Dallas, TX


The book that changed my life: The Gentle Birth Method by Gowri Motha

The most amazing meal I've ever had: Sushi Park LA

The morning and nighttime routines I swear by: In the morning I drink Noni juice; take my probiotic by Dr. Udo's; drink a green juice and coffee, which is made from warm homemade almond milk; and medicinal mushrooms: reishi and chaga. I also eat a ton of pomegranates and use magnesium oil.

The best décor hack I've learned: A creative way for hanging my son’s artwork was born by removing the backs of old picture frames and stringing wire across the ends to make a clothing line of sorts. You can rotate your child’s masterpieces in-and-out to always showcase something new! 

The Instagram handles I follow religiously are: @thetot, @newearthmama, @bandier, @violetgrey, @raisedgood, @nasa 

This season, my go-to cocktail order is: My favorite green juice made out of cucumbers, kale, ginger, apple, and lemon.

The first lesson I learned as an Adult with a capital A: How to be independent! 

The most surprising thing I learned from a MyDomaine story is: I travel often and handling frequent time zone changes can prove challenging so I was pleased to learn that eating at regularly scheduled meal times is a scientifically proven way to fight off jet lag.