Confirmed: This Is What a "Big" Engagement Ring Looks Like in the Real World


While engagement ring size ultimately boils down to personal preference, our perception is tainted by celebrity engagements and over-the-top jewels. But what constitutes a "big" engagement ring in the real world? Our sister site Who What Wear Australia reached out to five different diamond experts to settle the score once and for all. The verdict? Right around 2.4 carats.

"The average engagement ring in the U.S. has a centre diamond of about one carat and a total carat weight of approximately one and a half carats," explains Kristen Trustey, a diamond expert at Forevermark. "An engagement ring around two carats or above would be considered 'big' for the average girl's standards, and anything three carats or above would likely elicit some serious jaw-dropping."

Scott Friedman, an appraiser at Gleem & Co., agrees. "Most women think of two carats as a decent-size diamond, with a typical colour clarity ranging from VS1-VS2, F-G colour," he explains. "A noticeably big diamond will be three carats and above. These are the ones that turn heads." In the end, the average of all five responses clocked in at 2.4 carats. 

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