This Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Today

From the white dress to the letterpress menus, everything about weddings is expensive. But just how much does a wedding cost in 2016? The answer to that question depends on what the bride and groom think of as essentials to the perfect big day.

A new study released by Thumbtack is reporting that the average cost of a wedding is just $12,189. “We analyzed data from more than 750,000 price quotes for the most popular wedding services to find out what couples typically pay—for everything from the DJ to the decorator,” the study explains. “There are many misconceptions about the average cost of a wedding, with plenty of magazines and websites claiming that the average price is around $30,000. The truth is, most couples spend far less than this.”

To get this figure, Thumbtack added up the costs of 12 important aspects of a wedding: planning, catering, officiant, hair, makeup, photography, videography, decorator, flowers, band, cake, and limo. However, what’s left off this list are some pretty big wedding expenses, specifically the venue, the wedding dress, and stationary suite. Would these costs bump the average up to $29,000 (which Martha Stewart Weddings says is the price of a wedding today) or $31,000 (the cost according to The Knot)? It’s hard to say. The city in which you’re hosting the wedding also plays an important factor in the average cost. A friend who lives in Los Angeles recently threw her wedding in her hometown of Bakersfield, California, simply because everything was significantly cheaper.

Moral of the story: A wedding will cost at least $12,000, but the exact amount depends on where you throw it and what you include.

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What was the cost of your wedding?