Avocado-Bun Burgers Are Blowing Up on Instagram

The world is no stranger to avocado innovations. To date, the fatty fruit has been whipped into ice cream, slathered onto toast, grilled and topped with salsa, sprinkled onto salads, blended into smoothies—the list never ends. Now the fruit that's arguably the most photogenic to ever grace our planet (here's how to pick 'em) is being used to sandwich ground beef, cheese, onion tomato, pickle, and lettuce into a picture-perfect avocado burger that's prettier than basically anything I've ever seen. The brainchild of Amsterdam-based food blogger Colette Dike, the avocado-bun burger made a splash onto the Instagram scene today with one mouth-watering post: 

Colette's avocado-filled Instagram feed has amassed almost 70,000 followers, featuring creative food twists like the avocado truffle stuffed with goat cheese and coconut-and-avocado popsicles. The blogger even tried her hand at an avocado-bun chickpea burger, which looks just as delicious as its carnivorous counterpart.

Skim Colette's mouth-watering Instagram feed here, and try your hand at the avocado bun burger with this portable grill from Williams-Sonoma.