Do This One Thing at Work to Avoid Burnout

Does it sometimes seem that no matter how on top of work you are, the feeling of burnout still looms over you? Even if you've mastered the art of productivity or ticked off an impressive number of items on your to-do list, the draining sensation remains, slowly eating away at your efforts to resist it.

Not surprisingly, this is a feeling shared by many—even those who love their jobs. The nine-to-five workday never really ends at 5 p.m., and it has a way of wearing away at you long after you leave the office and even into the weekend. The science-backed trick for avoiding burnout and taking control over your workday? It's simple: Ignore the unnecessary drama.

A recent study published in Health Care Management Review and highlighted by Well + Good followed nearly 600 Canadian nurses over the course of the year to observe the factors that contributed to burnout. Those who ignored "workplace incivility" reported lower rates of burnout than their more involved counterparts. The takeaway from the study? Actively commit to not getting caught up in office politics, cubical gossip, or drama with colleagues, and you'll find an instant boost in your energy and well-being at work and beyond.

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