This App Will Help You Name Your Baby

One of the most daunting tasks a new parent faces is selecting a name for their offspring. The name should be meaningful and original but not something that will cause the child to be made fun of later in life. If you’re pregnant and you and your partner are having a hard time coming up with baby names, you’re in luck: There’s an app for that. Meet BabyName, an app that’s like Tinder, but instead of singles looking for dates, it’s parents looking for baby names. Both you and your partner download the app, then use text messages to connect your devices. This is where the fun begins: You swipe right on names you like and left on names you dislike. If you and your husband both swiped right on Clayton or Lucia, you’ll get a notification that you have a match. The name will be saved on a blue or pink list for you to refer to later on when it’s decision time. There are more than 30,000 names on the app, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Like Tinder, the app can be addictive, so download it now and start swiping.

Once you’ve come up with the perfect baby name, get it monogrammed on a tote bag that you can carry all of your essentials in.

How did you decide what to name your baby?