One for the Books: 11 Baby Names From the Literary Greats

As a bookworm, I'm familiar with the satisfying yet hollow feeling you get when you finish a good book, especially if it's one of those classics that take ages (and a consultation with CliffsNotes) to get through. What now? Aside from the thought-provoking themes, innovative forms, and hypnotizing language, people get attached to books because of their characters—they tether you to the story whether you like them or not. If you love reading as much as I do, you probably remember the names of characters for years after you've visited the books they live in.

I even have a running list of my favorite names from books as well as literary figures who have offbeat and vivacious designations for longer than I can remember. Maybe it's because I feel so connected to my own namesake, Hadley Richardson, who inspired The Paris Wife. You may remember her as the woman who lost a briefcase full of Ernest Hemingway's writing. She was the first love of Hemingway, whose work I've never been drawn to since I like my sentences to sprawl and I'm seduced by odd abstractions rather than precision and clarity (perhaps also out of loyalty to Hadley).

So what's in a name? Well, a lot, it turns out—at least for me. If you're expecting and love reading (or are just in need of some inspiration), you'll find something meaningful in this stylish yet timeless roundup of baby names from books. Scroll through our library of literary names and take notes from the classic muse, character, or author below.