11 Dreamy Baby Names Inspired by History's Greatest Love Stories

Updated 02/01/18
Baby Names Inspired by Love Movies

Baby names. We spend a lot of our time thinking about them. We’ve run the gamut of options too, from unisex Japanese monikers, to the posh British options (we’re looking at you Meghan Markle). Next up? The greatest love stories of our time.

It’s not a foreign notion that many teenage girls are heavily influenced by classic love stories (guilty). Sure, now the reality of a first-love building us a dream house is a little far-fetched. But those loved-up protagonists have a certain lasting power, which totally justifies the idea of naming our child after one of them, right? We are all about unique names. In fact, in one study, it was found that the most regretted baby monikers were when the parent played it safe. Read on to see our favourite names and the romantic movies they are inspired by.


Noah: From The Notebook.

Darcy: From Pride and Prejudice

Edgar: From Wuthering Heights.

Hindley: From Wuthering Heights.

Romeo: From Romeo and Juliet.



Juliet: From Romeo and Juliet.

Cathy: From Wuthering Heights.

Elizabeth: From Pride and Prejudice

Meggie: From The Thorn Birds.

Scarlett: From Gone With the Wind.

Allie: From The Notebook.


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