The New Nursery Trend Every Cool Mom Should Know

If the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a nursery is whether you're styling the space for a boy or girl, designer Jonathan Adler has news for you: It shouldn't matter. The home décor guru and creative director at Fisher-Price says nursery trends are taking a gender-neutral turn that will direct fall trends. 

"I think [the reason] is twofold: There are fewer adherences to traditional gender roles in general—boys can wear pink, girls can play with trucks. And number two: It's easier!" Adler tells MyDomaine. "If your nursery is neutral, it's easier to fit into the rest of your décor. It's cohesive and doesn't punch you in the face the way a pink, frilly princess palace would."

Convinced? Think beyond pastels, florals, and trucks with Jonathan Adler's tips for styling a gender-neutral nursery every cool mom will love.