9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Chic Parent-to-Be


Original Graphic by Maureen Dougherty

Buying baby shower gifts—especially when you're not a parent yourself—can be a little daunting. What are the must-have products for all parents? What are the hot-ticket items in maternity or paternity land? What should be avoided at all costs? What's more—many baby products these days are more practical than they are chic—which can be a deal breaker for that ultra-stylish friend or relative.

To make your next baby shower a little less stressful, we rounded up nine gifts that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. These must-have products are not only aesthetically pleasing but practical too; many of them have received rave reviews. Best of all, there's a little something for every budget—so you're guaranteed to find the right gift whether you're looking to spend $900 or only $10. From the best strollers and bibs a year-long diaper subscription, these baby shower gift ideas are guaranteed to please.

And now, this is the 2017 way celebrities are doing baby showers.