Step Inside the Iconic $7.4 Million Bachelor Mansion in L.A.

With almost a full 21 seasons under its belt, ABC's hit show The Bachelor has reached epidemic status, with some 9.5 million viewers tuning in to watch the Season 20 finale last Spring. In an effort to bring "Bachelor Mondays" full circle, we've decided to peek inside the iconic Bachelor mansion ahead of tonight's new episode. While we would not-so-subtly change the aesthetic given the chance, we can't help but harbor a nostalgic appreciation for the Spanish revival-style home, dubbed Villa de la Vina. After all, the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home has housed over 290 contestants since 2006, making it the undisputed relic of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette's unfolding history. Sitting at 7590 square feet, each contestant only gets around 253-square-feet of living space on average, which, as House Beautiful points out, must feel even smaller when you're all dating the same person.

Step inside the iconic Bachelor mansion below, and tell us what you would change décor-wise in the comments.

Opening Image: David Livingston/Getty Images