These 20 Stylish Ideas Will Instantly Elevate Your Bachelor Pad

Bachelor pad with blue accents

Studio Munroe

Forget what you know about bachelor pads. While some may envision bare-bones places where single men hole up when they're not out and about, these spaces have become far more refined and stylized without losing their comfort.

Bean bags have been replaced with cushy leather statement chairs and those liquor collections are no longer relegated to an obscure cabinet but rather a swanky bar cart. The best part is, even if you appreciate the familiar appeal the stereotypical bachelor pad has, you can still get a homey vibe and a space that's styled to the nines.

Whether it's a cozy place to return to, a spot where you hang with friends, a way to impress a new love interest, or a mixture of all three, you'll find an inspiring mix of suggestions below.

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Add Some Art

White and art filled living room

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

A unique piece of artwork never hurts a space, and if your bachelor pad is feeling a bit blah, this is the perfect solution. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors' space here is modern and elevated, but a few pops of color through the framed work and throw pillows help make it feel inviting and inspired.

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Show Off Your Hobbies and Collections

Artsy bachelor pad

Design: Holly A Kopman Interior Design; Photo: Christopher Stark

Don't banish your specialty collections or gear to a closet—these items can serve as decor to really differentiate your space from a run-of-the-mill bachelor pad. “It was really fun working with a bachelor," Holly Kopman of Holly A Kopman Interior Design says. "Turned out he had a great art collection to begin with and a unique collection of accessories—vintage glassware, found objects, and a sunglass collection any rock star would envy.”

This room and Kopman's eye for design prove that even the most eclectic wares can be shown off stylishly.

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Implement Subtle Patterns

Blue living room with leather chairs

Gail Davis Designs

Colors and different material textures are a surefire way to jazz up a space, but don't forget patterns either. This doesn't have to be obnoxious polka dots or vivid florals, but rather a gentle wash of color. This living room by Gail Davis Designs utilizes a subtly printed wallpaper for one extra layer of personality that's not too overwhelming.

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Step Up Your Game Room

Bachelor game room

Marlaina Teich

A game room is a given in a bachelor pad. Interior designer Marlaina Teich's take on this space doesn't feel immature or bonus-room-like, but rather it works as a comfortable, adult-friendly place to hang out.

Trying copying this room's chill color palette or the implementation of jerseys on the wall, which is a fresh way to show off your love of sports without resorting to posters.

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Unwind in a Home Spa

Bachelor spa room

Marlaina Teich

If a game room sounds great, but you're still craving something a little more unique, it might be time to consider a spa-like space. Marlaina Teich created this bachelor pad, wanting to "give a nod to a sophisticated, masculine style that still has a sense of warmth and homeyness," and the spa certainly delivers. Whether it's a place to snooze or indulge in a Saturday massage, it's a worthy consideration.

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Appreciate the Power of Accent Rugs

Bachelor pad with blue accents

Design: Studio Munroe; Photo: Thomas Kuoh

You may have the furniture and walls all figured out, but don't forget about your floors. There's no need to sort out tiles or wood flooring if you're not in the mood (or want to avoid high costs)—a simple rug can do just the trick.

This bachelor-worthy pad from Studio Munroe is a great example of how a rug can instantly tie a space together, no matter what style or color scheme you're working with.

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Get the Lighting Right

Tree house-inspired bachelor pad

KD Reid Interiors

This space from KD Reid Interiors is remarkable in itself, but it goes to show how much the right lighting and fixtures can do for your bachelor pad. Soft, cozy mood lighting is never a bad idea, and there are a plethora of ways you can make that happen, whether it be a pendant light, a cool task lamp, or a statement chandelier.

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Set the Vibe

Bachelor library

Patrick Ryan's Office

Studies, offices, and libraries are extremely underrated when it comes to decorating a bachelor pad. But, focusing on one of these rooms may help set the tone you're going for throughout your home. Patrick Ryan's Office designed this sharp space that combines features every bachelor pad should have, including a small bar area, plenty of good reads, and personalized flair.

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Find a Theme

Warm colored bachelor pad

Alan Tanksley, Inc

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the décor options out there. But, taking the time to find what really strikes your fancy will lead to a home you'll always love coming back to. Alan Tanksley, Inc's space here highlights how cohesive your bachelor pad can look if you settle on a theme and stick to it. In this case, a few classic, worldly accents mix perfectly with a handful of more modern, contemporary shapes in the room.

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Don't Lose Sight of Your Interests and Lifestyle

Wood and gray bachelor bedroom

Design: Traci Connell Interiors; Photo: Michael Hunter

Designing your dream bachelor pad really comes down to you, how you live, and what's important in your life. Traci Connell Interiors explained that this bachelor pad was thoughtfully curated with the client in mind. Everything from his preferred espresso machine down to his certification to teach scuba lessons was considered—hello 14-foot pool.

You can still keep a space looking fresh and put together—just look at that serene bedroom—but have it catered specifically to you.

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Elevate With Modern Silhouettes

Modern bachelor pad corner

Benjamin Johnston Design

Looking to stand out from the flat-pack furniture crowd? Completely understandable. If you're looking for ways to upgrade your space, take a page out of Benjamin Johnston Design's book and rely on modern shapes and lines to make a statement. Investing in just a handful of cool pieces will make a difference, meaning you can totally keep that IKEA shelving system if you want.

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Channel Energy Into Revamping Your Bathroom

Black tiled bachelor bathroom

Beauty Is Abundant

Your bathroom may be low down on your list, but aside from your bedroom, it's really where you'll start and end a majority of your days. Whether you're brushing your teeth or taking time for a self-care night, getting this space right really makes a difference.

Keep things straightforward and rev up those chill vibes with black-and-white tiles and accessories. A palette as chic as the one in this bathroom by Beauty Is Abundant will never feel tired or stale.

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Warm Up Your Spaces

Bachelor pad kitchen

Design: Traci Connell Interiors; Photo: Michael Hunter

Another room from Traci Connell Interiors' bachelor pad is this stunning kitchen, which feels strong and sophisticated, but doesn't lose out on the inviting vibes many people want their home to emanate. While most of the palette is cool and sleek, the addition of warm wood accents completes it.

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Nail Down the Details

Bright and airy bachelor pad

If Walls Could Talk

Corners and stylized vignettes are the keys to making your bachelor pad feel lived in and cozy. The ideas are endless; you can set up a reading nook or designate a corner for your horticulture hobby. Regardless, it'll help fill awkward spaces or empty-feeling rooms, which in turn prevents the "just moved in" look—even when it's eight months down the road.

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Find Peace in Minimalism

Black and white bachelor bedroom

The Home Consultant

We'll never say no to maximalism and eclectic homes, but there is something so calming about keeping your bedroom quiet and toned down. If you feel drawn to this bedroom from The Home Consultant, it might be worth considering sleeping quarters that reflect the zen feelings you're striving for after a long day at work.

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Find Fun in Maximalism

Black and gray bachelor den

Forbes + Masters

The vibrant energy of a space like this can be just what you need if you prefer a room to invigorate you. Forbes + Masters designed this stunning room with playful patterns and textures, but kept it grounded through a mostly monochrome color scheme. Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist at heart, you have plenty of options.

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Go Bold in Your Cooking Space

Slate blue bachelor kitchen

Benjamin Johnston Design

While white and ultra-light neutrals are popular kitchen colors, don't be afraid to stray in the opposite direction and play with deep, dark tones. A navy or slate blue is eye-catching and plays well with lighter hues on your cabinets or backsplash. This room done by Benjamin Johnston Design shows how you can make a bachelor pad kitchen feel grounded with the right moody shade.

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Allow the Space to Grow With You

Bright and light bachelor pad

Alvin Wayne

A bachelor pad should be timeless enough to match your taste for years—even if you're done living the bachelor life. Or, it should be adaptable enough to allow you to make a few tweaks and feel like you have a fresh new space. This gorgeous room by Alvin Wayne is a stunning example of a classic space with modern twists that can be rearranged and swapped out if you ever feel like it.

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Experiment With Color

Bachelor pad with green accents

Design: Studio Munroe; Photo: Thomas Kuoh

While you may be accustomed to the bachelor pads consisting solely of neutral colors, it's time to consider a sprinkling of saturation. Courtesy of Studio Munroe, this bachelor pad shows how the right combination of shades still feels laid-back and slick. If you're unsure where to start, trying picking your favorite color and going a few shades darker.

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Make a Bachelorette Pad

White bachelorette pad

Desiree Burns Interiors 

There are far too many bachelor pad ideas out there—but what about for bachelorettes? It's hard to find a chicer option than this apartment done by Desiree Burns Interiors. Whether it's a studio apartment or a first-time home, metallic accents, and a bright white palette are certainly solid options for making your space feel homey, customized, and different from your roommate's days.