12 Things No Grown Man Should Have in His Home

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We all start out with the bare minimum when moving out of our parent's home: a mattress, a set of sheets, a couple of mismatched mugs, maybe an IKEA kitchen starter kit (for the lucky few). But just like any good wardrobe, we gradually acquire basic home items (and maybe even décor accents!) that speak to our personality and our tastes and make us feel at home. Somewhere in our 20s, we go from dorm room to adulthood in the time that it takes to say freshly pressed linens.

While there really is no true age for when it's no longer appropriate to hold on to remnants from our former college lives, there definitely are items that one should gradually let go of on the journey to adulthood—and 30 is a great age to hit the reset button on our belongings and move into a new phase of life. Know a 30-something bachelor who definitely needs to get rid of his preloved futon and ratty towels? We list the worst bachelor-pad offenders all men should toss before turning 30. Ironic beer mugs need not apply.

Read on for the 12 things all men should toss before turning 30.

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An Old Box Spring

A mattress on the floor or on a box spring (without a headboard) hardly screams I have my life together. As an actual adult, it's time to invest in a real bed frame. It doesn't need to be fancy, upholstered, or tufted; it just needs legs (or hidden storage) and some kind of headboard. 

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Paper Plates

No grown man should be eating on paper plates—unless he is tailgating or attending a kids' birthday party. It's better for the environment, and not to mention less embarrassing when you're cooking for someone new. Pick up a simple dinnerware set that you can keep for years and elevate your TV dinners. 

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Dark Bedding

There's something about dark bedding that feels a little teenage-y. You can't really tell what stains are hiding in the dark fabric, and after a few washes, the sheets tend to lose their color and look worn and faded. Sounds familiar? Upgrade to chic linen sheets in a light gray or white. They come in a naturally wrinkled look, so you'll never have to worry about ironing your sheets—because who has time for that? 

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Dry Cleaning Hangers

We love the fact that you send your shirts to the dry cleaner, but the hangers are not meant to be collected. Matching hangers are more than just visually pleasing—the nonslip types will also help your closet stay in check and organized. 

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Unframed Posters

You really can't call yourself an adult with a capital "A" until you've thrown out all your posters—and that extends to mass-produced store-bought art prints, too. The misconception is that original art is expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Some cool online shops are changing the game and offering original art from upcoming artists at seriously attractive prices.

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Ironic Mugs

Ironic mugs may seem funny on the edge of your desk, but not so much when you're handing your new prospect a coffee in the morning. Instead, opt for chic and space-saving Japanese stacking mugs and practice your latte art skills. 

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Ratty Towels

Similar to dark bedding, there's really no telling what hides beneath those ratty forest-green towels. And if they feel more like an exfoliating glove than a towel, it's time for an upgrade! Fouta towels are great because they are thinner, dry more quickly, and take up less space—but they're still super absorbent.

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Stained Coffeemaker

Now that you have those fancy new stacking mugs, you may want to reconsider that warm brown water you call coffee. If you've had the same coffee maker since your college days, try upgrading to a French press. You'll never look back.

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Branded Beer Mugs

You love your collection of bar-themed beer glasses—fine. But outside of football season, you may want to invest in actual glassware so you can serve a swanky old fashioned in something other than the beer mug you grabbed from your college town's local dive. A set of highball glasses is a good start.

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A College Futon

Who even owns a futon, anymore? You? Time to kick your sad seating to the curb and invest in a sleek sofa. The same goes for hand-me-downs and bulky reclining leather sofas (you know the type). Think more Mad Men and less 1980s man cave.

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Makeshift Curtains

Bedsheets are not curtains—and let's not even talk about flags. When in doubt, play it safe with sleek roller shades—they are insanely convenient and well worth the investment. Better yet, places like The Shade Store have in-store experts and installers to take all the guesswork out of your window-treatment planning. 

There are a few general rules to know about curtains: They must reach the floor (but not puddle) and be hung high and wide.

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Plastic Chairs

You know the plastic foldable chairs that you drag from your kitchen table to your desk and even your balcony in the summer? While we appreciate the versatility, it's high time to invest in actual dining chairs. If you're old enough to hold a dinner conversation, you should have comfortable chairs to match.

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