We Found the Best Bachelorette Party Favors on Etsy

Updated 05/18/18
The Best Bachelorette Favors on Etsy
Cheetah Is the New Black

Bachelorette bashes are a time to let loose and enjoy your last days as a single lady with all of your closest friends. If there were ever a reason to celebrate, it's that. The only part that doesn't sound quite as fun? Planning the logistics, like what to give your guests as a thank you. And once you've finally settled on the location, booked accommodations, and made a bucket list of fun bachelorette activities to partake in, keeping costs low for extras like goodie bags will likely be a priority.

Enter Etsy, where you can find every party favor you'd ever need—and more. It's our go-to shop for all things cute, affordable, and customizable. Whether you’re planning an elaborate weekend-long adventure or a more simple night out on the town, thank your friends who are celebrating with you with our selection of the best bachelorette favors on Etsy. 

Waxyakak Oaxacan Plastic Tote $8

Before we share the best knickknacks and goodies, let's start with what you'll put them in. Opt for something trendy and fun, like these bold plaid poly mesh totes. Or, if your bachelorette party is a bit more neutral and minimalist, opt for some straw totes or crochet net market bags

Live Your Angle Thin Gold Ring Band $5

We could always use another thin gold ring to stack on our fingers. And aside from earning you style points, you and all your guests will now share friendship rings. 

Ayoma Crafts Hand Burnt Personalised Wooden Coaster $7

Whether you choose to monogram them or personalize them with each of your guest's names, these wooden coasters are simple, chic, and make for great place settings. 

Chez Gagne It's Happening Letterpress Card $4

A handwritten note is always meaningful. Thank your guests for their support with a personal message. Or leave them blank and provide each guest with an accompanying pen so they can all fill them out with a note to the person they're sitting next to during a game or meal. 

Label With Love Personalized Wine Bottle Labels $13

A bottle of rosé is the perfect favor. Make this gift even better by personalizing the wine bottle labels. We suggest making it into a game by writing their names and a superlative that defines your relationship and why you appreciate them on each label. Then hand them out during a toast! So much better than a trophy. 

Etsy Bridesmaid Hairties $4

We could always use more hair-ties and we'd gladly accept this pretty pastel trio. 

Kayleigh DuMond Lavender Seed Envelopes $84

These lavender seed packets double as envelopes and thank you cards. They're charming and have a nice retro vibe. 

Pointe One Acres Dried French Lavender Bundle $5

Etsy Photo Booth Props ($19)

Now that you've planted the seeds, add a dried lavender bundle to each goodie bag for an elevated look and feel. 

Evy Joy and Co Lip Balm Gift Set $34

Another item we can never have enough of? Lip balm. This gift set features cute packaging and is totally organic. 

Freaky Grrl Cat Eye Sunglasses $25

Whether you plan on being in the sun or you're expecting some bloodshot eyes during the flight home, your guests will definitely find a pair of sunglasses useful. Opt for a stylish pair they'll wear again and again, thinking of the fond memories. 

Studio Portmanteau Literary Matchbook $3

These literary matchbooks are beyond adorable. Whether you just need to light a candle or you want to put it on display, they make the perfect party favors. 

Now that you've packed your goodie bags with the best bachelorette favors on Etsy, prepare for the big day with this list of dos and don'ts for hosting the party

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