The Decorating Hacks Every Single Girl Should Know

Carrie Bradshaw may have been onto something—the eternal single girl had ample closet space, complete autonomy, and free rein to redecorate as she pleased. While living alone may seem like a daunting leap, we guarantee it doesn't have to be—it's even quite enjoyable. Take it as a rite of passage: You've decided to move out of the apartment you share with three other girls in favor of space, peace, and quiet. No more unplanned late-night cocktail parties, no more dirty dishes in the sink, and certainly no more clothes mysteriously disappearing (and subsequently reappearing on your roommate's back).

Yes, living alone might come with its own set of challenges: limited space, no one to split chores with… But it also has major advantages. You don't have to compromise on décor choices with anyone, you can take all the closet space, and no one will tell you that you can't store your sweaters in your oven. If you've decided to ditch your roommates for a quaint studio for one, here's how you can make the most of your décor—and absolutely love it.

Set the Table


Eating dinner in front of the TV—or worse, in your bed—is so tempting when living alone, and to a certain extent, it's a guilty pleasure to be enjoyed with moderation. But that shouldn't become your default eating area. Make your dining table inviting by adding comfortable seating and fresh flowers. Even if you only have a small bistro table, having a place to sit down for breakfast or dinner will make your meals for one much more pleasant.