The Healthiest Back-to-School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to making your kid’s back-to-school lunches, creating a fun, fresh, and nutritious version can be a challenge. It also needs to be substantial, so they have enough energy to get them through the afternoon. Of course they're always going to want the sugary snacks, and while these taste good, they won’t give your children’s brains and bodies the fuel they need. Susan L. Johnson, Ph.D., director of the Children's Eating Laboratory at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, told Prevention “lunch should provide a third of your child's calories, vitamins, and minerals.” We know how it can be a struggle to keep them interested every day, too, so we rounded up some of the healthiest and most delicious back-to-school lunch ideas. Scroll down to see our favorites with recipes to try, too.