6 Back-to-School Tips Real Moms Swear By (That Actually Work)


Courtesy of Rachel Parcell

When school is out, the kids will play (and so will the parents). Camp, vacation, pool time—all of these things make getting back into the swing of things for fall more than just not easy; they make it all-out challenging. To ease your way back into the fall routine (morning wake-up calls, homework, and a steady bedtime), back-to-school tips come in handy. And instead of just suggesting some things that may (or may not) work, we decided to tap some of the busiest (read: coolest) moms we know for their favorite tips for adjusting to school mode.

From slowly instituting earlier wake-up times to going back-to-school shopping, these moms are dishing on how they are making school time something to be excited for. Chances are, your little ones will appreciate these tricks as much as their kids do. Bookmark this page and send it to all of your fellow parents because these back-to-school tips are going to make this year's summer-to-fall transition your easiest yet.