27 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas We Love

Beyond subway tile.

cement tile kitchen backsplash

 Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: JDP Interiors

We know that you all come to MyDomaine to get the scoop on the latest home décor and design trends. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a large part of our job as home editors involves keeping a close eye on Instagram and following influential designers who routinely post images of impeccable interiors on the social media platform. Though we aren't typically prone to playing favorites, there's one space, in particular, that always stops us in our tracks as we scroll through Instagram: A kitchen with a statement-making tile backsplash.

Although subway tile and cement tile kitchen backsplashes were recently noted by some designers as trends to skip, if our Instagram feed is any indication, they're still as popular as ever. That said, classic materials will never go out of style, according to interior designers. “I prefer incorporating classic or everlasting materials into kitchen designs, rather than focusing on trends that may come and go," Los Angeles-based designer Stefani Stein says. "Classic doesn’t have to be boring, though—think beyond subway tiles. The slightly imperfect quality of handmade tiles, for example, can soften a modern space by adding a layer of texture."

In search of inspired kitchen tile backsplash ideas that go beyond tried-and-true subway tile, naturally, we turned to Instagram. Ahead are the 27 jaw-droppingly beautiful kitchens that we instantly double-tapped.

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Cheerful Yellow

Hand-glazed yellow tiles steal the spotlight in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen designed by Lynn K. Leonidas of Landed Interiors. The neutral, cream-colored shiplap cabinets and millwork ground the bold hue, while the saturated, deep green kitchen island offers a moody contrast to the cheerful backsplash.

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Leave it to Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors to demonstrate how to use tile to make the most of stunning architectural detail. In this light-filled California kitchen, a blue-and-white patterned backsplash highlights the beautiful bones of this Spanish-inspired interior.

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Dramatic Black

A marked departure from your typical subway tile backsplash, this kitchen designed by Los Angeles-based interior designer Stefani Stein makes a compelling case for extending your view beyond shades of bright white to include hues at the more dramatic end of the spectrum.

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Vertically Stacked

There's a lot to love in this kitchen designed by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs: The central island with waterfall edges, the walnut cabinetry complete with brass accents, and the open shelving. But the gleaming, vertically stacked tile backsplash stands out among all these notable design details.

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Vertically Stacked (in Black)

Further proof that skinny tiles make for a thoroughly modern kitchen backsplash: The vertically stacked black tiles in this space designed by Wit & Delight lend some much-needed edge to a space marked by luxe marble countertops, pastel-hued pendant light fixtures, and soft, millennial pink-washed walls.

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Neutral Pattern

This neutral kitchen, dominated by a black, white, and tan palette, only goes to show that a lack of color can be easily counteracted by texture and pattern. Hand-painted tiles reach from the countertop to the ceiling in this refined, yet rustic Park City, Utah kitchen designed by Nicole Davis of Nicole Davis Interiors.

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In another jaw-droppingly beautiful kitchen designed by Nicole Davis of Nicole Davis Interiors, blue-and-white patterned tiles infuse an otherwise neutral space with color. With a backdrop of beige-hued cabinetry, natural wood floors and ceilings, and warm white walls, the elaborate backsplash is a real show-stopper.

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However, you don't need to rely on color to design a statement-making backsplash, as exemplified by this space designed by Shea McGee of Studio McGee. In this kitchen, skinny white tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern make for a neutral, yet aesthetically pleasing display.

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Follow artist and designer Lindsay Hollinger's lead and don't take the process of selecting tile too seriously. In this Joshua Tree kitchen, cobalt-blue tiles complete with star motifs instill the space with a light-hearted element, infusing it with color and a touch of whimsy. Insert heart eyes emoji here.

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For those seeking a less dramatic, yet equally playful foray into color, look no further than designer Brady Tolbert's kitchen for inspiration. Classic white subway tile with a teal stripe lends a pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen, which boasts crisp white cabinetry, retro black-and-white vinyl floors, and natural wood accents.

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For a neutral backsplash that doesn't compromise on style, take a page from Denver-based interior designer Anna Smith of Annabode and opt for white tile in an unexpected shape. Here, hexagon tiles manage to make a statement despite their neutral hue.

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Sea Green

This refined take on a nautically-inspired kitchen designed by Jessica Fleming and Devon McKeon of Hive LA Home is about as dreamy as they come. Sea-green square tiles extend beyond the backsplash to the island, and dark wood floors, deep green cabinetry, and natural décor accents anchor the hue.

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Pale Blue and Terracotta

Though a subtler approach to incorporating color into the kitchen, we're equally enthralled by the gorgeous cement tile backsplash in this space designed by Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors. The pale blue and terra-cotta patterned cement tiles effectively tie the entire room together.

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Marble Subway Tile

Seamless marble backsplashes may be trending, but let this exquisite kitchen by Shea McGee of Studio McGee convince you that marble subway tile can make for an equally chic backsplash. To further up the luxe factor, follow McGee's lead and install brass pendant light fixtures above the island.

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Navy and White

Navy and white is a timeless color combination that we'll never tire of. Case in point: The patterned backsplash in this lovely kitchen designed by Emily Henderson Design alum Ginny Macdonald of Ginny Macdonald Design. If you ask us, this is the ideal backdrop for whipping up a batch of pasta.

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Marble Statement Wall

This kitchen designed by Shea McGee of Studio McGee is the epitome of elegance, boasting a subway tile backsplash that spans an entire statement wall. From the backsplash to the brass finishes to the hardwood floors, this is one place we wouldn't mind chopping vegetables.

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Gray Subway Tile

If there's anyone who can manage to convince us that installing gray subway tile is a brilliant idea, of course, it's Ginny Macdonald of Ginny Macdonald Design. In this kitchen, the subdued hue perfectly complements veined marble countertops for a space that's impossibly chic.

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Emerald Green Zellige

Emerald green zellige tiles really shine in Jungalow founder Justina Blakeney's colorful California kitchen. Mark our words: The perfectly imperfect, glossy tile is poised for a comeback. (Psst... we also spotted the trending tile in Kelly Mindel of Studio DIY's recently renovated bathroom.)

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In Bri Emery of Designlovefest's kitchen, gold-inlay tiles create a graphic, statement-making backsplash. Complete with brass fixtures, the space, designed by Los Angeles-based interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, is the essence of pure California cool. When can we move in?

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Leave it to Justina Blakeney of the Jungalow to create the boho kitchen of our dreams. A backsplash comprised of handmade cement tiles boasting an intricate floral pattern takes center stage against an orange statement wall in this space. Live-edge floating wood shelves filled with plants complete the look.

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Classic Subway Tile

Despite our earlier rebuff of classic white subway tile, Jean Stoffer of Jean Stoffer Design makes a compelling case for the timeless backsplash material. Punctuated by dark grout, the choice feels surprisingly current in a kitchen where a classic black-and-white palette reigns supreme.

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White Zellige

Remember what we were saying about zellige tile before? Well, for those of you who weren't convinced that the shimmering glazed tile is on the rise, here is another kitchen, designed by Jean Stoffer of Jean Stoffer Design, that puts the trending material to good use.

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White Square

A slight departure from classic white subway tile, this kitchen by Ashe Leandro features a square tile backsplash that exudes retro vibes. White cabinetry lends a monochrome look to the space that's interrupted only by black countertops, brass fixtures, and a custom antique-inspired mirror hung above the sink.

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Black Subway Tile

Bold and dramatic, we're enamored with this kitchen designed by Jean Stoffer Jean Stoffer Design. The show-stopping countertop-to-ceiling black subway tile backsplash alone is convincing us to abandon the notion of an all-white kitchen, never mind the matte black cabinetry.

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Black-and-White Zellige

Honestly, we'd meal-prep more often if this was our view. In this kitchen, designed by Zio and Sons, black-and-white zellige mosaic tiles, consisting of white octagons and coordinating black diamonds, come together to create an exceedingly charming, Old World-inspired pattern.

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Penny Tile

The penny tile kitchen backsplash in this kitchen by Ashe Leandro has captured our design-loving hearts. When installed on a large scale, as seen here, the tiny tiles create a graphic, textured pattern that would make any design lover's heart skip a beat.

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Bold Blue

In this Art Deco kitchen by Sans-Arc Studio, a teal tile backsplash stands out against robin's egg blue cabinetry. When juxtaposed with a textural terrazzo countertop, the eye-catching backsplash effectively fills the space with color and personality. In other words, this space is inspiring us to ditch our minimalist tendencies.

Next up, interior designers are ditching these kitchen color trends.

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