This Is How Often It's Okay to Eat Bacon

Updated 05/08/19
Half Baked Harvest

We know bacon isn't the best for us—underscored when the World Health Organization called it a carcinogen—but, at least for some of us, it's impossible to give up completely just for the sake of better health. The savory strips sizzling in the pan first thing in the morning, bubbling and crackling to perfection with crisp edges and tender centers, have something of a Pavlovian effect that awakens our most primal breakfast desires. Since we don't plan on cutting the hearty breakfast staple out of our diets anytime soon, it's beneficial to know just how often it's safe to get our bacon fix so we can satiate our cravings without overdoing it.

To determine just how often it's okay to have bacon, Body + Soul spoke with accredited practicing dietitian Simone Austin. She says that particulars of each individual's sensitivity to salt aside, having bacon "once a week would not be an issue." Austin admits that bacon, with its protein and niacin, is not completely nutritionally devoid, but you do need to consider the heavy salt intake and adjust your diet accordingly if you plan on indulging.

Happy with these dietitian recommendations? Get to planning your weekly bacon breakfast.

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