10 Bacon Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind

Here’s a fun fact: The Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day. Yes, today, you can celebrate bacon for no reason at all! You can enjoy the wonderful, porky, deliciousness that is bacon just because.

To learn more about International Bacon Day, let’s turn to Wikipedia. Although there is no description of the holiday’s origins, there is an explanation of the traditional happenings: “Bacon Day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks.” So there you have it: International Bacon Day is a day where you can consume more bacon than you normally do and not feel guilty! In need of bacon inspiration? Here are 10 bacon dishes that may just blow your mind.

  1. Six words: maple bacon donuts with candied bacon. You’re welcome.  
  2. Everything is better when wrapped in bacon, right? Even leftover stuffing.  
  3. Tarte flambée sounds fancy, but it’s actually French for pizza with onions, ricotta, and bacon.  
  4. Pasta with spicy bacon tomato sauce? Yes, please!  
  5. The club sandwich gets a somewhat-healthy makeover when you replace the bread with whole-wheat tortillas and the romaine with kale. Don’t worry, it still has bacon.  
  6. Espagnole sauce is one of the traditional French sauces. With bacon as a base, it’s tasty on steak.  
  7. Watching your weight? Enjoy International Bacon Day with an apple and pecan salad with bacon.  
  8. Bacon-wrapped goat cheese-filled dates were all the rage in the ’70s. It’s time to bring the sweet, salty appetizer back!
  9. Classic bacon and eggs go upscale in this Japanese yam breakfast.  
  10. Bacon macaroni and cheese. Enough said.

To ensure you have perfectly flat bacon, invest in a bacon press.

What’s your favorite bacon dish?