The Bad Behavior That Could Kill Your Friendships

These days, when you ask someone how they are, the reply is no longer the polite “I’m fine, thank you, and how are you?” It’s the manic “Sooo busy!” We are in an age where the 9-to-5 workday is obsolete. If you’re not logged on after dinner or at least socializing and publishing your curated life on Instagram, you’re not “succeeding” in the eyes of modern society. While this turbo-charged way of life fosters an incredible environment of innovation and productivity, some things, like friendship etiquette, have fallen to the wayside.

One lost art that we’ve been mourning is that of the répondez-vous s’il vous plaît, also known as the RSVP. When invites begin as Paperless Post, transpire into long email threads, and eventually wither into disjointed group texts, the final numbers for your guest count are always up in the air. And for some things, like a housewarming party, that’s fine. Other times, like when you’re hosting a sit-down dinner or arranging for a special event with a set number of tickets like a baseball game or concert, timely and consistent RSVPs are necessary. In order to help you master the intricacies of friendship and always respect your hosts, we’ve identified a few guidelines for every situation that everyone should follow.