Break Up With These Bad Cooking Habits Stat

They say old habits die hard, but there are a few common kitchen practices you should reconsider, stat—your safety and, most importantly, your health, could depend on it. Besides, you might find out you're a much better chef if you cut out certain misconceptions. When it comes to cooking, there are plenty of sneaky, common mistakes you could be making, and you might not even know you're in the wrong. Lucky for us, Eating Well recently uncovered a few of these culinary missteps, and we're sharing some of the most crucial below.

Putting too much heat on Pyrex. Bet you didn't know that putting Pyrex under the broiler is a big no-no. When exposed to high enough heat, Pyrex could explode and shatter into tiny pieces, potentially injuring you and definitely leaving you with a mess.

Scratching nonstick pans. If you're still cooking with nonstick pans (which you should avoid, if you can), refrain from using metal utensils, which scratch off the chemical-laden PFC surface into small pieces that you could accidentally ingest. Stick to wooden or heat-safe rubber utensils instead.

Cleaning meat in the sink. It may be intuitive to rinse meat off in the sink, but a better method is to pat it with a clean paper towel before cooking. The residue left behind from rinsing meat can contaminate your sink and put you at risk for foodborne illness. 

Going stir-crazy. No one wants to leave a hot stove unattended, especially at the expense of ruining dinner, but remember not to over-stir your entrée. By moving the ingredients around too much, you'll prevent browning, which helps the flavors meld together. Quit the constant stirring unless your recipe specifically instructs you to do so.