10 Decorating Habits to Break

We love this list from Glo on common decorating mistakes, and how to remedy them. They hit the nail on the head with these 10 stumbling blocks which we've seen time and time again. Here are some of our favorites: Glo1 1. Don't Go Too Formal With Your Dining More and more these days, homes are about your personal comfort and use, not about entertaining twice a year. Reject the notion that your dining space needs to be formal and intimidating and decorate in a style that is more in line with your other living spaces. After all, why waste the space on a room you only use occasionally when you could be hosting family meals at the table every night? Glo2 2. Don't Put your Sofa Against the Wall Attention: Your sofa does not have to be placed against a wall! Seating arrangements are cozier and more suitable to intimate conversation when you can actually hear the person across from you. In large rooms, scoot your furniture in and anchor the space behind the sofa with a great console. Glo3 3. Don't Follow Fads If you don't like midcentury modern or Danish minimalism, don't decorate in those styles. Seems obvious, but when the same style or pieces are popping up in your favorite shelter mags or in the photos on Domaine, you may be temped to cave to their aesthetic sensibilities even though you don't really...like them. Stick to your guns and be true to your own look. After all, it's your home, it should reflect your taste! To see the full list, head to Glo. Photographs: Courtesy of Glo