Remove These 3 Bad Habits From Your Daily Routine, Says Science

We've written a novel on the importance of your daily routine and a sequel on the myriad ways to perfect it. But what about what you should remove from your routine? Surely what you should purge is just as important as what you should add. In the spirit of Marie Kondo–ing your daily ritual, Inc. recently identified the detrimental daily habits that kill productivity, smother creativity, and chip away at your health. Here's what the magazine suggests you rid your life of as soon as possible:

Eating when you're not hungry

An unwelcome side effect of the 9-to-5 life, snacking throughout the workday, however unconsciously, can weigh heavily on your health. "The problem with this is when you're not in sync with your body's natural hunger and satisfaction signals, you start overeating," writes Inc. "This can lead to weight gain and health concerns like heart disease and diabetes." The solution? Be aware of your eating habits, and make sure you're eating because you're hungry, not because you're sad, stressed, or bored.


While our jobs basically demand multitasking, research from Stanford University found that it's actually less productive than putting all your energy into one task at a time. "Our brains just aren't capable of successfully completing two tasks simultaneously," writes Inc. Instead, the magazine recommends writing a to-do list every night with important tasks for the following day. Focus on one task at a time, only starting on the next task once you've crossed off the one before it.

Checking your phone in bed

Giving into the inimitable allure of that blue-and-white glow, especially before bed, is actually damaging your sleep schedule. More specifically, that light prevents your brain from releasing the melatonin hormone, which signals to your brain that it's time for sleep. "By not releasing melatonin, you have a harder time falling and staying asleep," writes Inc. To break the habit, charge your phone in an outlet far from your bed, and unwind with a book instead of scrolling through Instagram.

What damaging habits would you add to this list? Share your thoughts with us below.