7 Bad Habits to Kick to the Curb Now

Everyone has a vice they wish they could eliminate from their life, although some are definitely worse than others (does anyone else eat frosting out of the can when they've had a bad day?). But what about those things that we do on the regular that we don’t even know are secretly sabotaging us? A recent article from Inc. insists there are certain habits we employ that are secretly holding us back from our best life ever. Read on to learn more about the vices we need to avoid.

Negativity. We've all had days (and weeks, even) where every word out of our mouths was pessimistic. It puts you in an icky place, and not only that, it affects those around you. The next time you have something bad to say, also say one good thing about the situation—it’s kind of like a balancing act.

Toxic relationships. Remember that guy you dated for five months who then decided he didn’t want a girlfriend (after he ate the cookies you baked him, naturally)? Stop choosing to keep people in your life who are nothing but bad news. 

Shame. We’ve all felt ashamed of something that’s happened to us, whether it was our fault or not. All of our mistakes actually prepare us for events in the future where we have to be strong. Pick yourself up and keep going.

The inability to focus. Keep a master list of all of the things you need to accomplish. Each day, break the list down and cross off a few small things. Always remind yourself to stay in the present as much as possible… You’ll be able to be more productive and have more “me” time.

Not setting goals. You need to give yourself your own performance review, so keep track of your professional and personal plans for the year. If you hit one benchmark, cross it off and challenge yourself to something bigger the next time. Side note: It's not just about the large things, but the little successes as well, like planting that herb garden on your rooftop.

Not addressing your problems. That awkward fight with your friend isn’t going to go away until you sit down and talk things through calmly. By waiting to bring up difficulties you may have, you’re risking blowing up on someone down the road. 

Settling. There is never a point in your life where you shouldn’t be striving to be the best version of yourself. Know your self-worth, and choose the things in your life accordingly.

For more on this topic, visit Inc.

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What bad habit did you kick to the curb? How did you do it?