The Pesky Psychological Habits That Are Definitely Holding You Back

Using others as scapegoats to our failures robs us of the supremely important opportunity to grow from mistakes. Blaming others not only reveals personal immaturity, it quite directly stymies your evolution into a better, more successful person.

Just as faking a smile actually changes your emotions for the better, so too does complaining hijack your thoughts for the worse. What's more, if you're a serial complainer, people will start to associate you with all of that negativity. The phenomenon, called spontaneous trait transference, suggests that adjectives you use to describe other people or situations actually become associated with how others will describe you. So, no matter how much something bums you out, try to approach it with some pep in your step to tackle it and move on.

Easier said than done, we know, but change your inner dialogue, and you just may change your world. Stop telling yourself you're a failure; quit doubting your abilities; don't assume you'll blow it before you've even begun. If need be, explore taking on a daily mantra to inject some good vibes into your internal monologue.

We get it: Change can be scary, and the unknown can be paralyzing. But it can also be an exciting opportunity filled with the shimmer of possibility and new discovery. If you resist change, you'll close yourself off to opportunity and perhaps even become guided by fear or anger over this loss of control. Learn to adapt and flow with the unexpected. Effortlessness begets effortlessness.

Whatever happened happened. It's over and done with and it's time to move on. Instead of dwelling in the past and any potential failures or mistakes it may hold, learn from it. The beauty of the past is that it already happened! It's behind you. Keep your eyes looking forward toward what's to come (and keep your chin up while you're at it).

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