Bagel Doughnuts Are Here, and They're Like Biting Into "an Airy, Pillowy Bagel"

Updated 07/19/17
B. Doughnut

While we try to commit to a fairly healthy lifestyle, exceptions are made in light of a new food trend—especially when said food trend is a bagel-doughnut hybrid. On sale now at Virginia-based B. Doughnut (with additional locations in Baltimore), husband-and-wife-duo Brian and Pin Chanthapanya spent roughly 12 hours in the kitchen concocting this revolutionary breakfast treat, reports The Washington Post.

Their time was mostly spent preparing the perfect dough for these savory-sweet treats. They landed on a recipe that closely resembles malasada, a Portuguese-style doughnut made with yeast-leavened dough. From there, the two curated each of the 10 flavors, which include vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon curd, triple-berry cream, glazed, mild chocolate glazed, cinnamon sugar, bacon everything bagel doughnut, and chives everything bagel doughnut. The lox everything bagel pictured above is only available on the weekends.

As expected, the reviews of the pastry are good thus far. According to the Washington Post editor who had the privilege of trying the bagel doughnut herself, "it's like sinking your teeth into an airy, pillowy bagel." She does suggest eating within one hour of ordering to avoid a soggy bagel doughnut.

Would you try the new bagel-doughnut hybrid? Share your thoughts on the new treat below!

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