It's Official: Bananas May Actually Go Extinct in the Near Future

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?

We have some bad news: Apparently fruits can go extinct, and bananas may be next on the chopping block, thanks to three lethal fungal diseases. What scientists are calling a "banana armageddon" has already wiped out 40% of the world's banana crop, and it shows no signs of stopping. Most bananas are genetically the same, meaning that if one falls ill, they all could. 

You might want to hold off for a few months: According to airfare app Hopper, flight prices are expected to fall across the board come autumn. Patrick Surry, Hooper's chief data scientist, predicts that domestic round-trip tickets will fall to a seasonal low of $213 each in October. 

New home fragrance subscription service SCENT is the gift that keeps on giving. Based on personal preference, SCENT ships hand-selected contemporary candles right to your (or your best friend's) front door on a monthly or quarterly basis. Your mom, grandmother, or significant other will be forever grateful.

Science says you should stop arguing and take a nap—seriously. According to a new study published in The Journal of Family Psychology, couples are actually happier with each other when they get a better night's sleep. (As if you needed another reason to take a mid-afternoon nap.)

Moms-to-be, new prenatal app Babyscripts will make your life a whole lot easier. Created by healthcare experts Anish Sebastian and Juan Pablo Segura, Babyscripts is the first mobile app created for clinicians, not consumers. The app allows OB/GYNs to monitor their pregnant patients' progress and health remotely, putting you and your growing baby at ease in the process. 

This heat wave calls for a boozy wine ice cream float. Pick up vanilla ice cream, sparkling water, a jar of maraschino cherries, and a bottle of fruity red wine (we love this red blend from Dark Horse) for the perfect summertime treat.