Bar Essentials: A Tool Kit

It's nearly summer, which means it's time to chill the rosé, cue the Jimmy Buffet (wink), and get your cart in order. We're mixing things up this season, balancing luxe modern accessories like Kaufmann Mercantile's whimsical jigger with budget-friendly classics--sleek muddler anyone? The result is guaranteed to make your get-together irresistibly instagrammable, with the obligatory lens flare built in: Thanks Trombone Stainless Cocktail Shaker! Need a refresh on your 'tending basics? See our handy guide to the essentials.


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A type of sieve used to separate ice from the drink as it's poured.
Twig Barware Set, $31, West Elm
A device that removes corks from bottles, for you oenophiles.
WMF Vino Ultimate Waiter's Friend Corkscrew, $36, Casa
Two birds alert: The word 'jigger' refers both to the tool and the measure of alcohol it contains.
Eat your heart out milliliter!
Pewter Foxhead Measuring Jigger, $65, Kaufmann Mercantile
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A long handled spoon used to mix and layer drinks, and designed to reach to the bottom of a pitcher or tall glass to facilitate mixing ingredients. Cocktail Spoon Stirrer,
$20, Wine Enthusiast
The thing Tom Cruise does tricks with in Cocktail. The classic example is The French Shaker: A two-piece version consisting of a metal bottom and a metal cap. Trombone Stainless Steel Shaker by Nick Munro, $89, Gearys A pestle used to mash or grind herbs, spices or fruit for cocktails. Tablecraft Muddler, $6, Wasserstrom



Photograph: Andrew Arthur