7 BBQ Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

You can make a truly great steak on a basic hibachi grill with nothing more than salt and pepper -- just see our favorite Bon Appetit recipe. But it doesn't always work out that way. Here are a few handy gadgets that we swear by that make great grilling, well, more predictable._header
BambooMeatMarkers MEAT MARKERS Your guests won't have to worry about biting into a rare burger patty. Give them all the information they need with these handy picks that describe the meat's level of doneness. Wooden Meat Markers, $2, World Market
grillpro-long-handle-salt-and-pepper-shaker_large A LONG-HANDLED SHAKER Ever wanted to season your grilled foods but your grill was too hot to reach over? A long-handled shaker is the answer to your salt and pepper prayers. One side is for salt and the other for pepper. Long Handle Salt & Pepper Shaker, $15, All Things Barbecue
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.17.33 AM BEAR PAWS If the name didn't sell you, the fact that this product does everything should. Think of these durable plastic claws as an extension of your hand: use them to lift hot, heavy meat (like whole turkeys) to a platter or to pull pork or shred chicken. Bear Paws, $11, BBQ Island
Fire Wire Skewer FIRE WIRE SKEWERS If your grill is round, why are you using a straight skewer for your kabobs? Fire Wire's genius, flexible, cable-style skewer not only offers more efficient use of your grill space, it also allows you to marinate your meats and vegetables in a bag while they're already skewered. Genius. Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers, $10, Bed Bath & Beyond
Grill Wok A GRILL WOK Focused on eating healthy? A grill wok will be your new best friend. With high sides, a non-stick finish, and colander-like shape, it allows you to perfectly cook chopped vegetables, seafood, and meats on your grill -- no added oils or marinades necessary. Non-Stick Square Wok, $20, Target
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.22.02 AM A GRILL BASKET Whether you have trouble turning more delicate foods like filets or veggies, or you just want to flip several pieces of meat all simultaneously, you should add a grill basket to your arsenal. With a long handle and spring-like shape that holds thick and thin foods alike firmly in place, it's perfect for grilling fish, chops, fruits, vegetables, and bread. Expandable Flex Grill Basket With Rosewood Handle, $28, BBQGuys.com
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.23.10 AM LED TONGS Even when an outdoor light is turned on the patio or balcony at night, somehow we still manage to fumble around at the grill. What you need is direct light on what you're cooking. Enter the LED tong. Don't go outside at night without it. Ultima Luma Tong with LED Light, $20, Wayfair

What barbecue essentials and other gadgets do you swear by? Tell us in the comments!

Photograph: Amy Neunsinger