Bottoms Up! A Drinking Game Inspired By Barefoot Contessa

We had to laugh when we came across this amazing idea on The Love List. Here at Domaine, we are big fans of Ina Garten and her Food Network show The Barefoot Contessa which is why we can fully appreciate the hilarity of the "Ina Garten Drinking Game." _new Garten's charming antidotes and flair have been repackaged as cues for when to sip your cocktail of choice, and how many sips to imbibe. The list ranges from frequent occurrences (take one swig every time Garten says "fabulous" or her loving husband Jeffrey makes a cameo) to less obvious though fully plausible scenarios (take three sips whenever Garten mentions France, Paris, or calls something "provencal"). Only for true fans of The Barefoot Contessa, the game requires you have at least a few episodes cued up to enable for a variety of potential situations. See the full description and all the drinking cues on The Love List and head to The Barefoot Contessa for recipes, television listings, and more on Garten. Photograph: Quentin Bacon