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See How Modsy's Alessandra Wood Transformed an Old Barn into a Modern Office Space

Makeover of the Week - home office out of a barn

Design: Alessandra Wood

If there’s something we never get tired of seeing, it’s a great makeover. Whether it’s transforming a retro bathroom into a modern oasis or giving a lackluster bedroom a fresh look, pros perform these design miracles all the time. 

To give designers a chance to showcase their favorite makeovers—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the best before and afters we’ve seen in our series, Makeover of the Week. Take notes for your next renovation.

"My client and her six employees were working out of a single room in her home,” Alessandra Wood, interior designer and vice president of style at Modsy, says. “Being in such cramped quarters wasn’t great for office productivity, and it certainly wasn’t ideal when it came to setting boundaries with my client’s family. Luckily, there was an existing barn on property which ultimately became the perfect spot for a new home office.” 

Meet the Expert

Alessandra Wood is the vice president of style at Modsy, a San Francisco-based online interior design service; she likes to pair vintage with modern pieces to create rooms that look fresh and feel comfortable.


Makeover of the Week - Alessandra Wood Office Before

Courtesy of Alessandra Wood

“Prior to renovating, the barn was used for storage only,” notes Wood. “We soon realized it would make a great office space, giving all the employees the room they needed and enabling my client to establish clear borders between work and play."


Makeover of the Week - Alessandra Wood After Office

Design: Alessandra Wood

"Our goal was to create an atmosphere that was professional, yet warm and inviting," Wood says. “There’s a conference room and a lounge area where team members gather for meetings on the lower level, while the upper floor houses individual offices."

What Changed:

  • Color theme: A high-contrast black-and-white color scheme is complemented by natural woods throughout the space. 
  • Sofas: White bench seat sofas, decorated with a mix of grey and black printed pillows, provide a place to rest or brainstorm.  
  • Coffee tables: Bunches of circular wood pieces, encapsulated in a square wooden frame, tap into the rustic feel of the barn.
  • Chairs: Two black leather chairs project a mid-century modern vibe and provide additional seating.
  • Rug: The geometric pattern on the black and white woven cotton rug was inspired by the unique Kuba weaving of central Africa. 
  • Doors: Sliding barn doors made of metal and glass create privacy between the conference room and the lounge area.
  • Stairs: Modern black metal railings and bleached wooden steps replaced the original wood stairs while a console table decorated with art creates a vignette underneath the steps. 
  • Conference table and chairs: Steel brass-framed chairs surround a burl wood table, giving off an industrial and midcentury feel. 
  • Art: An abstract diptych, with its dark lines and white backdrop, channels Japanese ink brush painting. 
  • Desk: A concrete top is set upon the desk’s solid steel frame while two rattan chairs are paired with a pleated suede chair. 
  • Shelves: Walnut floating shelves display the owner’s knickknacks while filling the wall space over the desk. 
  • Accessories: A rustic brass mirror is suspended on the wall using leather straps. 

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Makeover of the Week Alessandra Wood Office Makeover

Design: Alessandra Wood

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