5 Things Bartenders Would Love to Tell Customers (But Can't)

Updated 05/01/19
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Considering the nature of their work, it's safe to assume bartenders witness some of the most entertaining, cringe-worthy, and asinine customer behavior while on the job. While most people are aware of the accepted code of conduct when ordering a drink, manners tend to go to the wayside once the cocktails start flowing (much to the bartenders' chagrin). For some insight into the most irritating but common faux pas, Business Insider tapped over 30 bartenders to reveal what they'd love to tell customers (but can't).

Read the most constructive anonymous responses below, and keep these mistakes in mind while imbibing this holiday season.

Use cash to pay for a single drink. Running credit cards is more time-consuming than a cash transaction, and the tiny tip from one drink is not worth my extra time.

Order mixed drinks with caution. Almost no restaurants or bars clean their ice machines as regularly as they're supposed to.

Order everything at once. Don't have me make a margarita and order your buddy a beer only to realize his girl wanted a margarita too.

I see you, and I will get to you the second I can. I know you have been waiting for a while. If I haven't taken your order, it is for a good reason. Wait just like everyone else! Everyone wants their drinks ASAP.

I'm a person—please treat me like one. I am not a servant. I am not a potential date. Please don't take advantage of the fact that I have to treat you in a professional manner. This is my place of employment, not your house. You are the guest here. Please behave like one.

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