How to Make Your Basement the Hottest Room in the House

When was the last time you gave much thought to your basement? Mysteriously, this cave-like space has been widely forgotten in the decorating space (unless you’re in the 1% who transform their lower levels into impressive wine cellars, home theaters, and at-home spas). What if you just want a regular well-decorated room to enjoy with your family? Along this line, one of our readers had a question for us: How do you make a basement actually look good?

Basements aren’t the most visually appealing rooms: Low ceilings, second-grade finishes, and a lack of natural light can make them hard to decorate. But we’re always up for a challenge here at MyDomaine, and we came up with seven creative solutions to transform your basement from boring to inviting. From how to camouflage your small windows to how to make your ceilings feel higher, we’ve got all the solutions you need to make this forgotten room the best in the house.