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The 5 "Basic" Home Décor Items Interior Designers Love

An all white living room.

The term "basic" has gotten a bad rap in recent years. Although it conjures up images of "boring" décor items like neutral rugs and white sofas, we'd argue that these basics (or, as we prefer to call them, timeless staples) lay the groundwork for effortlessly stylish spaces. To find out which "basic" home décor items will never go out of style, we decided to consult the pros.

Though we do consider ourselves something of décor experts here at MyDomaine, we are fortunate enough to have some of the industry's leading interior designers on speed dial (so to speak). So, we tapped none other than Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design, Courtney Nye of Courtney Nye Design, Nashville-based designer Sarah Bartholomew, Shea McGee of Studio McGee, and Leanne Ford of HGTV's Restored by the Fords to weigh in on the topic.

We weren't disappointed. From a non-basic basic table lamp to a covetable tabletop accessory that makes every meal feel special, keep scrolling to shop the staple pieces the pros will always love.

Emily Henderson: A Killer Lamp

Emily Henderson décor tips: room with a bureau
Sara Tramp for EHID

"I will never part with it my Bond Lamp from Schoolhouse," Henderson tells MyDomaine. "It's such a killer piece that can easily mix in with almost any home style (and has been in multiple of mine). It's neutral enough to not hog all the attention but has an interesting yet simple shape that adds so much character to a room. A true Emily Henderson staple."

Schoolhouse Bond Lamp
Schoolhouse Bond Lamp $379.00

Courtney Nye: A Large Potted Plant

Courtney Nye interior design advice: living room with a large potted plant
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Courtney Nye Design

"A space never feels quite complete for me without some form of greenery, and fortunately it's also one of the easiest decor items to add," reveals Nye. "An organic element just breathes a little life into a room, fills a bare corner or adds a little softness. A sculptural, sprawling tree is my favorite find, but a larger potted plant works very well (I often use a planter that has a stand to prop it up)."

potted plant
West Elm Mid-Century Turned Leg Standing Planters $180.00

Sarah Bartholomew: Natural Texture

Sarah Bartholomew home décor picks: living room with natural texture
David Hillegas Photography ; DESIGN: Sarah Bartholomew

"I always love to layer it into a home whether its a sisal, woven tray or rattan chair," explains Bartholomew. "Natural texture never goes out of style and always grounds the space."

Serena & Lily Bodega Bay Wing Chair
Serena & Lily Bodega Bay Wing Chair $998.00
Anthropologie Pari Rattan Chair
Anthropologie Pari Rattan Chair $98.00

Shea McGee: A Decorative Tray

Shea McGee basic home décor essentials: a kitchen with a decorative tray
Lucy Call ; DESIGN: Studio McGee

"I love a good tray. They're easily one of the most versatile and functional decor items, perfect for creating a simple moment in any space," offers McGee. "I use them to give odds and ends a home, or create a touch of dimension, all while keeping a collected and polished feel anywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen."

Leanne Ford: An Earthy Vessel

Leanne Ford design tips: a dining room with an earthy vessel
Alexandra Ribar ; DESIGN: Leanne Ford

"When it comes to 'basic' home decor, I've always loved decorating with as many natural elements as possible—it's my way of bringing the outdoors in," says Ford. "I particularly love earthy vessels and pottery of all shapes and sizes. Want to really bring nature in? Cut some lush greenery from your backyard and feature it in one of the vessels on your dining table... you'll feel as though you're dining al fresco without ever having to leave the house."