All Organized People Have This in Their Bathrooms—Do You?

Not everyone can have a sprawling bathroom with floor-to-ceiling marble tiles, an extra-wide soaking tub, and a roaring fireplace. But everyone can have a bathroom that feels luxe, no matter how old or small. A bathroom renovation may be out of reach, or your rental may have been renovated in the '70s, but with a few small accents, you can take your space from plain to polished with minimal effort.

Take notes from your favorite hotel rooms. All you need is an edited selection of products, a functional space, and matching linens. If your products are spreading all over the counter or your bathmat has seen better days, it may be time for a quick refresh. Wondering what other small details will make your bathroom feel more organized, sophisticated, and grown-up? Here's where bathroom accessory ideas come in handy.

Let's count the ways in which your bathroom could use a little love—and step it up with little luxuries that'll make it feel extra special.

A Shower Curtain—With a Liner

Small bathroom ideas
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Alexander Design

It's not enough to have a shower curtain, and a liner alone is a rookie mistake. What you need is a combination of both, and ideally a curtain that falls all the way to the floor for a more sophisticated look.

Step it up: Replace your shower curtain liner every few months to keep it fresh.

CB2 Karla Cement Shower Curtain $60

Soap in a Bottle—Not a Bar

Bathroom accessory ideas
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

No one wants to wash their hands with a sticky soap bar that's been frothing in a grimy puddle by the sink (for obvious reasons). Spend a few extra dollars on bottled handwash that smells nice and isn't too harsh on the skin.

Step it up: Pair your handwash with a moisturizer that visitors will appreciate.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash $39

A Bathmat That Isn't Ratty

Clawfoot bathtub
Courtesy of Katherine Carter

Contrary to popular belief, your bathmat doesn't have to come from the same set as your towels. Elevate your bath with a durable indoor/outdoor 2-by-3-foot rug in a low-maintenance flatweave.

Step it up: Try a vintage kilim style for an elevated look.

Quiet Town Ojai Night Ride Bath Rug $52

A Set of Hand Towels for Guests

Bathroom renovation ideas
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Alexander Design

There is nothing less comfortable than washing your hands at someone else's house only to realize that the only available hand towel is a used bath sheet. Don't be that host. Hang a set of hand towels for guests by the sink.

Step it up: Get a stack of linen guest towels when throwing a dinner party—with a dedicated bin that you can easily throw in the wash the day after.

Serena & Lily Fouta Bath Essential Set $118

Enough Storage to Hide Beauty Products

Bathroom storage
Courtesy of Katherine Carter

No one needs (or probably wants) to know what brand of dental floss you use or how many face masks you own. If your beauty products don't all fit in a medicine cabinet, store them in another room—but not in plain sight in your bathroom. Think pretty products only.

Step it up: Get a tray to keep a few luxe products for your guests: hand soap, moisturizer, perfume, and fresh mints will be welcomed during a dinner party.

Restoration Hardware Rivet Medicine Cabinet $625 - $750

Towels That Came in a Matching Set

Bathroom organization
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Alexander Design

If your towels each have a different color or, worse, texture, it may be time for an upgrade. Throw out all stained or old ratty towels once a year to keep everything fresh. Classic all-white towels are easy to bleach and even easier to replace—you'll never have to worry about matching colors.

Step it up: Complement your white towels with a set of navy, charcoal, or black wash towels for removing makeup—and keeping your whites white.

Parachute Classic Bath Towel Set
Four Seasons Bath Terry Towel Set, 6 Piece $199

A Towel Bar That Actually Gets Used

bathroom tile ideas
Courtesy of Studio MRS

Hooks are great, but they don't dry towels evenly. Don't let your towels get moldy by hanging them flat to dry after each use. Smelly towels are never a good look.

Step it up: A heated towel bar will speed up the drying process and keep your bath sheets extra fresh.

Schoolhouse Electric Brass Towel Bar, 24" $149 - $189

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