These Bathroom Color Ideas Will Transform The Way You See Your Space

It's no secret that all-white bathrooms have dominated interior trends for quite a few years now. This might have been a result of seeing one too many bathrooms with matching pink or green tiles, sinks, even toilets. Remember those? In any way, white quickly became the default color for all things bathrooms from tiles to paint colors—the bright shade evoked cleanliness and modern style. But just because white bathrooms have become the norm doesn't mean you should forgo color altogether.

Interior designers constantly say that bright colors or moody tones work best in small spaces, and what room is smaller than a bathroom? If you feel like breathing new life into your space, we rounded up five interiors that prove that sometimes bolder is better. Will you opt for jet-black walls or a cheery yellow accent? These bathroom color ideas will convince you to say goodbye to all-white.

Pitch Black

Bathroom Color Ideas — Pitch Black walls
Courtesy of Amber Interiors

All-white bathrooms may be all the rage, but a small space can look seriously moody in all-black. Try painting everything—even the ceiling—in the dark tone, and finish off space with brass finishes and antique rugs to give it dimension and texture.

Benjamin Moore Jet Black paint
Benjamin Moore Jet Black $37

Seafoam Green

seafoam green tiled bathroom
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts es

If 2016 taught us anything, it's that seafoam green bathrooms are seriously coveted. Instead of achieving the look with paint, why not try glass or ceramic seafoam green tiles from the floor to the ceiling? You can even extend them into the shower for a seamless look. Pair with black fixtures and a red antique rug.

Catalina Green Lake Ceramic Wall Tile
Splashback Tile Catalina Green Lake Ceramic Wall Tile $4

Coral Pink

Bathroom Color Ideas — Coral Pink walls
Mary Costa ; DESIGN: Black Lacquer Design

Feeling a little brave? Try painting a windowless bathroom in a bright salmon pink color to give it a cheery, warm feel. To keep it from feeling too saccharine, try pairing it with chrome and black finishes, retro light fixtures, and a bold graphic floor in shades of gray.

Benjamin Moore Peachy Keen
Benjamin Moore Peachy Keen $37

Royal Blue

Bathroom Color Ideas — royal blue-tiled shower
Roger Davies/Trunk Archive

Don't feel like committing to a color for the entire space but still want a bold statement? Try tiling only the shower and complete it with a glass door. Small royal blue mosaic tiles are great to create a spa-like feel and draw the eye in. Finish off the space with light finishes like whitewashed oak floors.

Merola Tile Resort Marine Blue Porcelain Mosaic Tile
Merola Tile Resort Marine Blue Porcelain Mosaic Tile $8

Canary Yellow

a canary yellow bathtub in a white bathroom
Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton/Trunk Archive

If you're not ready to paint your walls but you still want a bold statement in your bathroom, try painting the tub instead. A cheery canary yellow will give you energy in the morning and looks great against an all-white bathroom. Pair it with natural wood tones and complementary art.

Benjamin Moore Sun Porch
Benjamin Moore Sun Porch $37

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