13 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas to Give This Small Space Some Major Style Points

EHD—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

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For such a small space, the bathroom sure commands a lot of attention. Most of that focus has to do with the necessity of this room, of course, but we'd also argue that bathrooms present a design challenge unlike any other area of a home. And that in itself is irresistible. 

To outfit an ideal bathroom, there must be an effortless harmony between function and style. For starters, all of the necessary parts have to be present, like a shower, toilet, and a sink. Then, it's best to have a cohesive color palette that also takes natural light or a lack thereof into account. In this case, we're going to focus on bathroom floor tile ideas. 

Bathroom flooring can highlight a range of tastes, from more traditional penny tiles to more modern geometric pattern tiles. Depending on a bathroom's color palette and size, floor tiles can create a cohesive look that unites the other four walls of this space together. If you're looking for ones that get their fair share of attention in this room, then consider these 13 bathroom floor tiles to complete this all-too-important space. 

White Penny Round Tiles

Penny Rounds—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile White Penny Round Tiles $10

It doesn't get more traditional than white penny round tiles. Stretch them across a master bathroom, and then pair them with subway tiles in the shower for a classic companion. 

"Star Bright" Tiles

Star Bright—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Star Bright Tiles $15

Give your bathroom the full star treatment with these encaustic cement tiles, which have a centered starburst in each square. Match sconces to them, and you'll create a show-stopping look.

Oh Joy! Pinwheel Hexagon Tiles

Pinwheel—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Oh Joy! Pinwheel Hexagon Tiles $20

If you like white bathrooms, but you still want to incorporate some color, the blue and green edges of this hexagonal tile will do the trick. We think it would look especially gorgeous with woven accents. 

"Try Angle Line" Hexagon Tiles

Try Angle Hexagon Tiles—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Try Angle Hexagon Tiles $15

This turquoise shade may seem like a bold choice at first, but it's also so naturally calming that it might be the perfect choice for those who aspire to create a spa-like retreat. Either use a range of blue and green accents for a tonal look or contrast this color with pops of gold.

"Matte Nero" Hexagon Tiles

Nero—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
The Home Depot Matte Nero Hexagon Tiles $10

The matte finish of this black hexagon tile will pop against a more traditional glossy subway tile in a shower, and fall in line with the black bathroom trend we've been noticing for years. Use metal accents to complete the design.

Carrara White Hexagon Tiles

Carrara White Hexagon—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
The Home Depot Carrara White Hexagon Tiles $15

Nevertheless, if you like the more modern shape of a hexagon, but you prefer a more traditional finish, this white marble option is the way to go. It'll also give you an excuse to paint the vanity in a bold shade, too. 

Red Clay Solid Scallop Tiles

Scallops—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Solid Scallops Tiles $30

Looking for something stylish yet off the beaten path? This scalloped design should fit that request, and its red clay finish is sure to make a statement, too. Bring in some gold or brass accents, and you'll be onto something fabulous in no time.

White With Black Mosaic Floor Tiles

White With Black Dot Ceramic Tile—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Lowe's White With Black Dot Ceramic Tiles $5

Those who want to feel like they're getting ready each morning in a traditional bathroom should gravitate toward this classic black-and-white design. A pedestal sink and equally traditional medicine cabinet vanity will round out the timeless look.

"Forage" Terrazzo Shell Tiles

Forage—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Forage Terrazzo Shell Tiles $10

Terrazzo is still having its in-demand design moment, and its busy pattern can look especially inviting in a minimalist bathroom. Pull the colors of this option into the shower tile's design for a cohesive transition. 

Solid Rectangle Tiles

Solid Rectangle—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Solid Rectangle Tile $20

Create a herringbone pattern in this colored tile for a mix of old world meets new. For instance, dress up a traditional vanity with a sleek mirror. The blend will make for a balanced and interesting design.

"Vintage Rose" Zellige Hexagon Tiles

Light Pink—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Vintage Rose Zellige Hexagon $30

For those of us who like more natural, laid-back spaces, it's possible to create that same earthy aesthetic in a bathroom. These terracotta tiles help since their shade and shape come across as timeless and bohemian all at once. 

Brick Flat Tiles

Brick—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
The Home Depot Brick Flat Tile $100

Followers of the rustic trend would love this brick tiling for their bathroom floors. Just add wood and iron touches, and your rustic-glam design is complete. 

"Big Spin" Tiles

Big Spin—Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas
Clé Tile Big Spin Tile $20

If you like color, don't hold back. This geometric and highly saturated tile lets you embrace a love of many shades on your bathroom floor. Add plenty of plants, and you're all set. 

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